Longevity Issues

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Longevity issues involve more than just restricting diet.

For example longevity issues include getting exercise in nature. This is one reason we like living here in Cotacachi…so much nature to be in.

Here is photo taken by our friend Alan Wormington, who is an expert bird watcher, of a bird filled ravine near our village of Cotacachi. He was continually hiking in the area.


Here is one photo he took.


Recent messages have looked at the importance of nutrition as a longevity issue. One reader pointed out that there are many longevity issues when he wrote:

“Hi Gary, Have been (trying to !) follow Dr Walford’s methods for a while (only
have the 120 year diet).

I wanted to get his software and came across the following on his website.

The reason that he only made 90 was the advent of a very obscure disease, so
of course no matter how hard we try – there is an overlying genetic
roulette wheel playing with us!”

I agreed and replied:

You could not be more correct. The three most important decisions we make in life are:

#1: The country we chose to grow up in.

#2: Who we chose as our parents.

#3: Where we are standing, when the volcano goes off.

However Ecuador has many favorable longevity benefits we’ll look at in future messages. You can see more about this at

Until next message may you always be well away from the volcanos.


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One reason we love spending time on the coast is that it is good for longevity to play in this warm surf.


And walk for miles on this empty beach.


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