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Ecuador travel has brought so much success to our readers in so many ways.

Here are a few coments from our readers about their Ecuador travel and how Ecuador travel might help you.

First Ecuador travel unveils scenic delights like this wonderful shot of Cotacachi…our second home.


The first rave shows how Ecuador travel helped this reader learn new ways of being healthier and feeling better. Here s what this reader wrote about her Ecuador travel:

“Gary, this isn’t about your message today but is still related to Ecuador travel as this opened my eyes to other paths of health. I ordered some of Candace and John’s Deep Rub Gel because I have been having a real problem with
my heel hurting. Northing I have done seems to help, including stretching exercises to lengthen the tendon that goes over the heel. Well, in only 3 days, I am almost pain free and there is very little soreness. Amazing, but not surprising, as I do believe that natural remedies are always better than drugs.

Wish I was down there with you, but it is not to be right now. Maybe later on in the year. Good luck with the beach condos. I am sure there are many who
want to be “on the water” at an affordable price. Plus healthier living.”

You can order Candace and John’s Deep Rub Gel at

Here is a totally different example of how Ecuador Travel has helped a reader start her own import business: The Ecuador import export course she attended was conducted near this lake.


Hi Merri:

“Please send the name of the person who makes those gorgeous business cards. I need to get some business cards asap. So..going to make some on my own until I can get your contact down there to make the gorgeous ones.

Is something going on in Ecuador with Chavez? I keep getting these e mails from friends about horrible things going on in Ecuador. Did I miss something? I know that Mr. Chavez and Columbia are having words but I didn’t think that spilled over to Ecuador.

I sold all my scarves, for the big things…wall hangings, sweaters and all the gorgeous pictures I brought back. It has been fun. If I get a lot of those sold this weekend then I will definitely be back down there for the Ecuador Spanish class. I have a much better idea of things to buy this time and what not to. Thanks so much.”

This is another Import export delegate excited by their Ecuador travel.

“Please send me 8 different animals. I especially love importing the pelicans.
Oh that will be so exciting to get those precious little animals. If no one can bring them back to the US, can you send them somehow, and I will reimburse you with the money for the animals??

How is the group you have going///other than overcrowded?. I am sure they are all fascinated with you…the hotel and the food!!!!! You and Gary are fascinating and of course we miss MA….she is just the star. I just think of her sitting in the front of the bus. Precious.

You can learn more about our Ecuador Import Export course at

This delegate found that contacts from her Ecuador travel spurred dreams and she wrote:

“Dear Gary and Merri, Spurs Dreams!

You are changing far more lives than you may realize, and in such positive ways! Let me share some great news that started with the two of you in dear Ecuador.

In 2005, just by happenstance, anther delgate from Montana and I attended your International Investing and Real Estate Course in Ecuador. He decided to attend your course about a month in advance when he felt what he termed an uncharacteristic inspiration after coming across Gary’s website. I spontaneously decided within 48 hours of reading one of Gary’s wonderful newsletters!

On the morning of the first day, he and I met when we both forgot to set our clocks back. We were the only ones that arrived for class an hour early. Over the course of that week, I learned to admire him and thought the friendship might last. It has.
Unbeknownst to either of us, this predisposed chance encounter could end up literally helping millions of people.

Marvin and an associate in Houston were diligently working on an innovative internet project that would help fund literally thousands schools across America and actually filed for a patent on the system. After returning to North Carolina, I decided I had to be part of this mission. Since we left Ecuador we have worked diligently to develop a national foundation that I believe we will be one of the largest fundraising programs in the country. CNN has shown interest in our story, and we are waiting for the opportune time to launch the story. We are the FIRST National Discount Card with Emergency Support and we will impact millions.

Combining innovative internet technology with cause-related marketing, our schoolheart foundation is designed to bring communities together where it counts most. SchoolHeart’s patent-pending program is FREE to schools AND nonprofits, easy to use, and funding is perpetual, which are the three key features nonprofit administrators covet most.

I want to thank you and Merri, for you are truly one of my many blessings. Please share our story, one that has not only impacted our lives, but will positively impact those in need across America!”

Your Ecuador travel can help you fill your dreams of living on the beach. Here is one of our favorite sidewalk cafe’s in Bahia…Ecuador’s first eco city.


A view from this cafe.


Another view of this cafe (bottom left).


We hope you will join us in some Ecuador travel soon!


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