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by | Mar 1, 2008 | Archives

Longevity health ideas can make us rich…and help us live longer…and better as well.
Recent messages on longevity investing ideas were kicked off when my long time friend and health care provider, Joe Spano MD, sent an email about University of Southern California and their research that extended the lifespan of yeast bacteria tenfold. The information suggested that the same techniques could be used on humans. The article suggests that humans could live to be 800 with genetic modification and a dramatic caloric reduction.

If you missed the previous messages, you can see them at see

The first three messages in this string looked at the financial aspects of longevity but since this is Sunday let’s forget the loot for a moment and look at life!

How can we make life better and longer?

I believe longevity will be a lucrative field but am certainly suspicious of technology that requires caloric restrictions!

Life can already be dramatically extended by caloric restriction alone. Our intelligence can be improved as well. This has been scientifically proven.

Yet how many people restrict their calories?

Numerous readers wrote about this.

One wrote:

“Gary, I have read and heard lots of talk about extending our life spans by many years, but do not recall where I read it. I do know as an Herbalist that one of the main factors in a longer life is cutting down on our food consumption. It’s too bad that most of the restaurants give way too much food, it would be better to give us less and charge less, but of course they are there to make money and by giving us more, (usually low quality food) they make more. This isn’t only their faults we should take part of the blame for putting up with it. Sorry about that as I seem to have jumped on my soap box. I do appreciate your newsletter. So that is some of my thoughts and thank you for letting me express them.”

Another readers shared this:

“Morning Gary, I’ve spent most of my life working in the natural products industry
primarily as a developer and marketer of natural products. My wife and I
live the life as well, all organic foods, little processed foods, etc. The
reduced calorie concept has been around for a while. In a nut shell the less
you eat, the less metabolism, the less free radical production. The challenge is
that North America is not the best place to exercise this theory with portions being what they are.

“The genetic side of things sounds very cool, but whenever I see science
playing god I tend to stay away. Over the years I’ve simply seen too many
breakthroughs turn out to be dead ends or worse yet health nightmares.
So if the new concepts your friend is talking about are able to be implemented by normal natural means sounds incredible, if they require good old science to carry out, I’ll wait and see for the next 50 years. If the participants haven’t all died of cancer or grown a new and exciting arms or leg, then I’ll give it a go. After all by the time I’m 83 I’ll be up for anything. Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do.”

There you have it. A new technology that when it is ready might require a little discipline, could help us live to be 800.

Yet half that technology is already available. Eating less can help us live to longer and better way…free…in fact eating less can save money.

Until next message, may your life be good and long.


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