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by | Feb 29, 2008 | Self Publishing

Self publishing SEO rankings are important so let’s look at what we do for our Google rankings at

Then we’ll look to see how this self publishing effort helped generate $$474,000 dollars in sales the day before yesterday.

Most of our self published headlines in February’s posts rank very high on at Google.

Here are the sef published headlines and the ranking at Google for our articles this month.  Some of these are pretty good phrases.

Self Publishing Alliances  #1

Ecuador Taxing Error  #1 & #2

Emerging Equity Markets Value #4

Major Equity Market Valuations #1 #2

The Ecuadorian Seaside #1 #2

Self Publishing Course #4 #5

Ecuador Travel Tip  #6 #7

Ecuador Risk Assessment #1

Ecuador Property Tax #1 #2

Bio Investment #2

Ecuador Property Practicalities #1 #2

Safe Investments Analysis #1

Ecuador Beach by the month gets

Ecuador Beach month #1

Ecuador Beach monthly #1

Surviving Destructive Technology Ranks #1 and

Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour 2008 ranks #2 for the phrase

All of these rankings lead readers to our site and lead them to sign up for our free daily ezine.

The focus throughout is on international investing and Ecuador real estate.

So when two days ago I announced 15 Ecuador beach condos for sale at $79,000, six of them sold the first day, ($474,000 in sales).

See how I did this at

You can do this with your self publishing business.  Not overnight perhaps, but this is what you are working towards.

Keep posting your comments!

Plus stayed tuned for my next self publishing post which shows another reasons why these sales came so quickly.   It is time for you to profit from self publishing!