Ecuador Beach Condo Raves

by | Feb 29, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador beach condo raves are great to read even when a reader does not follow my advice.

Two of our recent messages looked at the Ecuador beach condo development where Merri and I (and our daughter) are buying.

If you missed these messages see

This morning a reader who has visited Ecuador several times sent me this humbling note:

“Gary, I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I didn’t follow your advice.

You see, I got back from the Phillipines in December and was struggling in making a decision about relocating… know, the “sitting on the fence” deal.

Well I’m not on the fence anymore with that decision and can thank you for knocking me off.

You see, I signed up for your Ecuador Living service and promptly emailed Kjetil to reserve me a 79k lower level condo sight unseen. I know you advise against doing real estate deals that way, but I went with my gut and just received an email from Kjetil saying that he has sold 15 condos as of today.

“So I’m glad that I got to know you and Merri through workshops and feel comfortable with your services. Otherwise I may have hesitated.

“Knowing you and and Merri, I am comfortable saying, I did not need to be on site to sign this deal. I’ll be in NY when you have the upcoming coastal tour, and I felt strongly that all the lower units would get snapped up. So let me be early in saying, “howdy neighbor”. It’s nice to know that US dollars still have a little value somewhere on earth.

“You mentioned a feng shui expert buying in along with yourself and possibly some of your family. Let’s hope an astrologer or two will move in also. I too think that from Bahia to Manta is reminiscent of some 1960’s US shoreline. I can close my eyes and hear California Dreamin’ by the Mama’s and Papa’s.

“You know Gary, this gets me excited about my future. I’m looking forward to calling that stretch of coastline home and being in a relaxed atmosphere to unleash the creative mind I have within me. The second half of my life is supposed to be better than the first. I think this is the start. Please send a hello to Merri and Ma.

“Sincerely, Eric PS: Thanks for saving me the $5,000.00 club membership fee!!”

How wonderful, to have neighbors like this!

Kjetil reports that yesterday, the first day after my introduction of these condos, six of the 15 units available at $79,000 (with the $5,000 club membership waived) have been sold.

Until next message, I send you the blessing of good neighbors!


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