Ecuador Beach Condos Introduction

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Yesterday’s message reviewed how hard it is to work at the beach.

If you missed that review, be sure to click on

Now let’s look at the benefits of that work and how my work can at times (like this)  provide you with an opportunity to have a special real estate value….like your own beach view condo.

In addition to the beach view, you will be just two or three minutes walk to this beach…and these warm, blue Pacific waters that these pelicans love to cruise.
Pelicans In Flight

Before we look at these condos may I make my involvement clear.

I am not selling this real estate. I will not make a penny of commission or be remunerated in any form if you buy.  Merri and I have purchased five of these condos ourselves. Our daughter (at my advice) is buying one as well. And probably my sister. She is flying down to see…at big bro’s advice.  I know a deal when I see it and have my family know…you too.

We will benefit if we can attract good neighbors and help this become a thriving community yes…but that’s all.

In fact there are several big advantages for you due to Merri’s and my involvement.

Benefit #1:  We have pegged the purchase payments of our condos to the installation of the infrastructure. This reduces the likelihood of this project starting and not being completed.

Benefit #2: We have been working with our readers, buying real estate around the world for decades. We have a good idea of what they want. Getting in on the very ground floor,  we were able to help design the condos…in a way we know we like and believe you will as well.

Benefit #3: We were able to look at all the legal work, contracts so we were comfortable enough to buy.  We have purchased many properties in Ecuador so we know what look out for.   Plus we were able to find an attorney who has been efficient…speaks English and is approved by a US title insurance company. We will be happy to introduce her to you.

Benefit #4: We know the history of this land…looked at it first over ten years ago…and we know the developer, Kjetil Haugan…a Norwegian. We have worked with him for a decade.

Benefit #5:  We made Kjetil a deal.  If we can help Kjetil find owners so he does not have to pay a commission, he will wave the club membership fee ($5,000)…so you save $5,000 (at least) being an Ecuador Living subscriber if you buy.

Speaking of the clubhouse, let’s start by looking at what you get there.

Here it is.  Palmazul, a 14 room hotel and spa.  This is your clubhouse…about 25 yards from the condos.  Your club membership guarantees easy access to this beach.
Picture 9

The swimming pool is another part of your club facilities….plus tennis courts, a massage room and a wonderful place to dine. Here is the view you enjoy during breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Palmazul Dining Room View

This is one of the nicest hotel’s on Ecuador’s coast….and it is your clubhouse…also offering free broadband for your internet use.

Your condo will be built in the exact same style as this…except only two stories.

Before we look at the condos, may I stress the importance of the fact that I can show you pictures of what your club house is….not…will be.

Financing is expensive and tight in Ecuador.  Many developers make promises of facilities to get pre sales so they can start.  Their promises may or may not come true.  If they do, when?

You buy a dream that can turn into frustration and delays instead.  Most developers have to get pre sales to get started…then want to sell out everything before (and if) they finish the club facilities.

Kjetil fortunately had enough of his own money to begin.  This clubhouse/hotel is done. We have been enjoying it already.

You can too.  FREE!  The $5,000 club membership is waived for the first Ecuador Living subscribers to reserve a property.

You can enjoy the club now, even before your condo is complete…not in six months or a year..or two.

There is much more.  We have arranged for a special discounted hotel price if you wish to move to the beach now. You can live in the clubhouse while your condo is being built.

In other words…no waiting.

You can move to the beach tomorrow if you desire.

Let’s look at the condos.

It is easy to tell how they will look.  They are being built exactly like the hotel.  Just lower, but larger across. The hotel  rooms seen above are 12 feet across.  The condos are about 20 feet across, 30 feet deep…two stories up, plus a terrace, about 1,800 square feet in all (with terrace).

The condos which will be called Vistazul (61 in total are planned on 12 acres).  They will be built directly across from the Palmazul Hotel & Spa…which as mentioned is also the condo’s club house.

Here are the 12 acres I photographed from Palmazul.
Picture 10

The condos will be built in blocks of five and or seven units. Here is the architect’s rendering of a block of five.

Picture 11

Each unit will have a sea view.  Here is the architect’s rendering of the views.

Picture 12

Here is how the units will lay on the land.


The land density is over 5,0000 square feet per unit so there is plenty of room for green space and the water feature.  We had a Feng Shui expert review and alter the layout. She and her husband were so excited that they ought five units as well.

The interiors will be similar to the hotel so your bedroom will look something like this (but bigger).

Picture 13

Here are the floor plans.

Downstairs. Ingreso is the entrance.  Cochina, the kitchen…comedor, dining and sala, the living area. There is a half bath and a patio downstairs.
Vistazul Floor Plan

Upstairs we sleep in the ocean breeze.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one with bathtub, one with shower. Dormitorio is bedroom. The master bedroom has a full view of the sea.
Vistazul Floor Plan

On the terrace you have a sea view as the artist shows here.
Picture 15

The higher the unit is on the mountain, the higher the price, but the first fifteen units closest to the hotel are reserved first for Ecuador Living readers at $79,000. (The club fee of $5,000 is waived.)

There is much more I can share…and will…but for now let’s quit with one more sunset taken from the hotel….just like you would see from the condos.
Palmazul Sunset

You can get more information, including details on financing and US title insurance from the developer, Kjetil Haugan, at

If you are not an Ecuador Living subscriber, to qualify for the $5,000 savings and low cost reservations, join now at

Until tomorrow’s message, may all your views be sunshiny as well.


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