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by | Feb 25, 2008 | Archives

Essential oil solutions can help overcome the misery of winter and more.

Essential oils can be essential to good health. I use them every day giving my feet an essential oil massage before putting on my socks.

Our skin is a vital nutrient absorbing organ. When we put on essential oils, the positive aspects each represents is absorbed.

When essential oils are applied to our feet, they stimulate zones on our feet that “mirror” the entire body. Stimulating these reflexes sends messages to the associated body parts that help reduce tension, improve circulation and help the body deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

A quick little essential oil foot rub can help your body return to or maintain a natural state of balance.

In the winter, essential oils can do even more.

Merri and I head for the sun in the winter. Others are in the snow or rain. Whichever elements of Nature that are experienced this time of year often sees us outside or inside more than usual. The aches and pains that go along with Winter, can receive profound relief from essential oils. Not to mention the emotional comfort that aromas and touch provide.

This is why I try to send along a message each month from our long time friend Candace Newman, the Essential Oil Lady. Here is what she has shared about essential oil solutions and winter.

“There are many ways to get relief and comfort from essential oils. The top two are massages and baths. Choose warming and stimulating oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Rosemary to get those rivers of circulation in the body moving to relieve the aches and pains. These oils are also a great boost and support for your immune system.

“Blend these oils in a base oil like Organic Golden Jojoba, so they are safe for bath and massage. In a palm full of base oil, add 2-3 drops of essential oil. Use this also in the bath or for an after shower-rub.

“If you prefer blends that are already made for you, are OLA #5 and #6 are perfect for the aches and pains of Winter. Our Deep Rub Gel formula is of special help during the winter when aches and pains seem more severe. The blend consists of our proprietary formula of pure essential oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, Camphor, Wintergreen and Oregano in a base of aloe and Organic Golden Jojoba.

“This essential oil formula was developed for a client suffering from stiff necks. It has gone on to give relief for all kinds of aches and pains, and even fibromyalgia (read What’s On Your Mind). We offer this to you this month at 10% off to bring you comfort, warmth, and the ability to nurture yourself and others during this Winter.

“A Connecticut customer with extreme fibromyalgia reports one of the things that helps her the most is her nightly routine with our Deep Rub Gel. She mixes it in her hand with a little Organic Golden Jojoba, and massages her feet, ankles, and legs up to her knees. This nightly routine provides great comfort.

“Here is what two other users of essential oil solutions reported:

“Pennsylvania: “We love your Deep Rub Gel. My husband has tennis elbow that disturbs his sleep. The pain was gone almost immediately and for the first time in months, he slept through the night. I decided to try some on my ankle with the same outstanding results.”

“Ohio: “Last night my neck was hurting like a stiff neck. I warmed my hands and rubbed your Deep Rub into my neck and then rubbed the area in my hand that is associated with the neck. The next morning the pain was gone. Actually it was gone before I fell asleep.”

Candace’s 2 ounce jar of Deep Rub Gel is 10% off until March 7th on Candace’s website. The regular price is $28.95. The sale price is $26.05 plus shipping.

You can order it direct from Candace here

Until next message, may you be protected from the winter’s cold…or better join us in the sun.


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