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by | Feb 24, 2008 | Self Publishing

Self publishing team work can get help us all move forward. That’s why we have this self publishing blog.

We also have a new self publishing team name (for this team) coined by our web master, “Self Publishing Tampepreneurs.”

A self publishing favor please? So we can all know that the messages appearing at the website are about self publishing, please put the words self publishing in the title when you post.

One Tampepreneur just sent me this note:

Hi Gary & Merri, It sounds like you motivated all the self publishers so well that we are very into our own projects!

I just posted an update to the group about what I’ve been working
on, but I wanted to send you a note directly about the strategic alliances.

I too, spent some time considering whether or not I wanted to send you a proposal. I’ve got a full client load currently and am eager to work on my personal projects as well. Having said that, I had some ideas about your sites that I thought I’d share.

I looked through your websites and my initial reaction is that, even though they are separate sites, that there is not much distinction among them. The natural health sites are more differentiated in terms of content, but still gets a bit muddied. In addition, you have lots of content, but it seems to me that much of it could be revised and repackaged — segmented in new ways.

This feedback is based on my writing and PR experience– I haven’t yet gone through your process to get to a solution or a specific proposal.

My feeling was that it would be a challenge to give a proposal about one slice of this project, without looking at all the sites and how they connect.

I wanted to get your thoughts on a few issues before tossing my hat into the ring for an alliance.

How attached are you to the existing structure … both within each site, but also having them all connected in the current layout? What do you like about this and what isn’t working?

How attached are you to your words? The reason I ask is that much of the information is written with your existing clients in mind … they are in the “club” and they know about you. I think most of the “old” stuff can be re-written as news and information, without the details that personalize, but also date, the material. Seems this would be helpful to draw in new people and to create a longer shelf life. Your thoughts?

How do you see the technical side of this working? Will Michelle be involved to work on this from the SBI perspective? I work well in a collaborative way, and would want another perspective on ways to work the content and technology side-by-side.

This is where my head is at this point; you and the other Tampa participants may have a very different perspective! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


The idea behind our strategic alliance program is to work with students of our self publishing course on a real time basis. We are not specifically attached to ideas, nor even to the sites proposed.

These are sites we began with a previous webmaster. We switched webmasters and strategies. The only reason we suggest these sites at all is because they exist…and have a great deal of content…and are ranking.

If you have a different idea…and want a different self publishing site, propose it!

If you like what’s at an existing site…great. We can use it or change it.

The three sites we talked about can be split, worked togther, changed or left the same or not used at all.

You can work with Michelle or not.

This is a flexible beta program based around the simple idea that we and our students of self publishing can both learn and profit by working together on a real time basis in the real world.


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