Ecuador Property Tax Even Lower

by | Feb 24, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador property taxes are lower than most of us can imagine. Recently two messages shared how a number of our readers purchased condos in Cotacachi Ecuador and discovered that their Ecuador property tax was a mere $36 a year.

If you missed that message about Ecuador property tax see

Property tax can’t get much lower than that!

Wanna bet?

How about $2.25 a year Ecuador property tax?

Another wonderful couple here, Karl and Nancy Showalter, bought and fixed up a beautiful home here in Cotacachi Ecuador that you can see at

Nancy just set me this note:

“Hi, Gary.  Sorry we missed you when in Cotacahi.  We had a nice visit with Merri our first night there.  Regarding taxes, the tax on our property was $2.25!  This was for our house and over 1/2 acre of property.  Apparently it is this low because we are outside the city limits of Cotacachi in an unincorporated area.  So this was certainly not taxing for us!
Regards, Nancy”

Until next message may your day be without tax.


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