Self Publising Reply to Why I Haven’t Proposed

by | Feb 22, 2008 | Self Publishing

Self publishers can profit in many ways. The focus of the self publishing strategic alliances are not limited to natural health.

The self publishing strategic alliances are not even limied to the four web sites we have. These web sites have the benefit of content but we are open to any idea.

Self publishing strategic alliances can be aimed at almost any focus.

The most logical focus for the four self publishing web sites that are up are: This can realte to anything that has to do with success. The focus could be on sports, investing, business, health, cooking, study, work etc. This site could have anything to do with trends. and naturalawakenings.commake the most sense with a natural health focus…though could lean heavily into spirituaity as well.

I have linked these sites here so you can click and see the existing areas of focus.

Keep in mind we can stretch that focus!