Self Publishing Alliances

by | Feb 21, 2008 | Self Publishing

One benefit of our self publishing course is to develop self publishing alliances.

One self publishing delegate just shared this idea.

“Gary, I have indeed been thinking about a strategic alliance, but right
now I’m putting all my efforts into my blog. Once I have that profitable,
I’ll be glad to write up my proposal for the Spotting Trends website. I
realize that I will miss the deadline and may very well forfeit my chance at an
alliance, but I am much more passionate about my focus than the
inquisitive. Eventually I hope to help both. Thanks for thinking of me. Cheers!

My reply was simple and to the point.

“Good You are correct to focus and your enthusiasm comes through. This is very good. We want to get worthwhile proposals and the proposals are more important than the deadline. Just be sure to let me know if I can help. Gary”

I want to remind all of you that we welcome your proposals…anytime. We set a deadline to get events rolling but this is not set in stone. Neither are the existing sites we have reviewed for an alliance. They have a benefit…lots of existing content…but we are happy to look at any proposal you might have.