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by | Feb 20, 2008 | Archives, Self Publishing

Self publishing blogs can be valuable tools.

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Merri and I are conducting our Ecuador Import-Export course right now and we have a record crowd. See how we create a Presentation (the Seventh P) at

Yet there is much more you can learn about how you can expand your self publishing business from our import export success which derives from our self publishing business.

The unusual fact is that the large audience at this course is composed of almost all new delegates. We normally have many repeat delegates.

The import exort course is quite a new course for us…just started last year.

One must ask…where are all these new delegates coming from?

Go to Google and try the phrase “Ecuador export course” and you’ll see our source of new business.

We are ranked number one and number two!

We want to help you achieve results like this with your self publications and this blog is the place where we can help.

Please get to the blog and tell us your ideas, Passions…Problems and you know… the other five Ps.

We can all work together to achieve greater success!