Investment Forces

by | Feb 20, 2008 | Archives

Investment forces can make us rich…or rob us if we ignore them.

On a perfect day I remind myself of the underlying investment forces by rising at 4:30 a.m., doing a mediation and yoga…then at dawn being out with Merri and Mahananda for a walk.

I like to be a part of the sunrise each day to remind myself that everything-investment forces, trends, cultures, businesses and opportunities have a dawn and dusk.

We have been looking in recent messages at changes coming from longevity research. These longevity changes and the forces they will create are dawning. See the recent messages at:

Let’s look at some of the investment forces that are currently having economic impact on our investments and business.

Hopefully this thinking will help us spot trends in a clearer light.
These investment forces include:
#1:    Growing Population & Increased Consumption per Capita
#2:    New Technology and its Impact on Human Nature
#3:    Urbanization & Specialization
#4:    Concentration of Population
#5:    Environmental Deterioration
#6 Global Warming
#7: Water Shortage  
#8:    Enhanced Communication
#9:    Spread of WMD
#10:    Islam Christianity Conflict
#11:    Energy Price Hikes
#12:   Western Debt
#13:   Liquidity in Market:
#14:   Inflation
#15:   Globalization

Ask yourself which of these investment forces are really just beginning. Which are in their prime and which near the end?

Let me know your opinions. I’ll share them.

Until next message, may you always enjoy the dawn…and the dusk…and why not the noon time as well.


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