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Low stress lifestyles are in growing demand.

We can all profit, from knowing this….and perhaps enjoy a low stress life as well.

I see the low stress lifestyle trend growing almost daily. We just started our Import Export course here in Cotacachi and have the largest group yet.

Most delegates have come in part to find ways to reduce stress.

One interesting fact is that almost all the delegates are first time delegates. We usually have about half repeat delegates at our courses.

This is partially because our websites rank #1, #2 and #9 at Google for the phrase “Ecuador Import Export Course” (one of the things we teach in the course is how to market export producuts through the internet).

Mainly the growth is because so many residents of industrial nations (we have Americans, Canadians, Australians and British at the course) want to reduce stress in their lives, do something fun and more meaningful.

We can see signs of excess stress everywhere.

One scary stress sign are all the shootings many in the United States, but also in Europe, in shopping centers and schools.

Yesterday the New York Times reported a very scary sign of stress in an article that said:

“A new five-year analysis of the nation’s death rates recently released by the Federal Center for Disease Control found that the suicide rate among 45-to-54-year-olds increased nearly 20 percent from 1999 to 2004, the latest year studied, far outpacing changes in nearly every other age group.

“For women 45 to 54, the rate leapt 31 percent. “That is certainly a break from trends of the past,” said Ann Haas, the research director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.”

More people, faster change and greater emphasis on short term gains, plus medical intervention that often masks instead of resolves health issues all add to the strain.

To put population growth in perspective, read what our son (who works from Britain’s environmental agency) just wrote:

“Dad, it took 10,000 generations for the human population to reach two billion people on the planet (by the birth of the baby-boomers).  Now a person who anticipates making it from his or her birth to demographic life expectancy in the US of about 80ish years, will see the population rise from 2 billion to 9 billion in just one human life-time. Change is certain but there are times when change speeds up! We live in such a time. Jake”

America’s population growth is especially high.

A USA Today article looked at the problems these burgeoning numbers present.  Entitled “Where will everybody live?” is was written by Haya El Nasser and outlines three significant facts about population growth.

First, the American population has risen from 200 million to 300 million in 39 years.  At present growth rates the next hundred million will come in only 34 years!

Second, today each American owns 20% more developed land (housing, schools, stores, roads) than 20 years ago. By the 1990s 1.7 acres of land was developed for each additional person.

Third, these 100 million additional people will need 70 million new homes and 100 billion square feet of non-residential space.

Here is what this can mean to us from an economic point of view.

#1: The world will become richer. More people producing more products and services…more exchange….and more stress!

#2: There will be more global trade.

#3: There will be a trend for better quality of life including less stress.

We see how much our visitors love the reduced stress here every day. Take this rave that a friend just sent Merri.

“Hi Merri, I want to thank you and Barbara for including me in the trip to the wonderful dermatologist in Otavalo last month!

“I declare the surgery he performed for $40 to remove the ugly growth on my face, a complete success! As of today, there is no further trace of the growth or the surgery!!!!!  This is such a blessing.  Even though US docs proclaimed this cosmetic, it was always a drag to see this mark any time I looked in a mirror, and now it is completely gone.

“Here is another example of the wonders of high quality health professionals in Ecuador performing their work with the latest equipment with skill and compassion.  Please convey my gratitude to the doctor the next time you see him!

“Twelve years ago I was told by docs in the US that to remove this growth it would cost around $1,200, so I never did anything about it since it was  “elective” and not covered by insurance.

“We send our best wishes to you, Gary, Ma, Steve and the fabulous El Meson staff!  We miss you all and hope to see you again soon! Fondly.”

We hear this from visitors almost every day how much they enjoy…the benefits of good, affordable doctors and dentists…low cost really nutritious and delicious food…lack of aggression…and the friendliness of the people.

Until next message we hope your investments and business are without stress!


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