The Ecuadorian Seaside

by | Feb 14, 2008 | Archives

The Ecuadorian seaside has many charms.

Merri and I are just back from visiting there again, working with Steve to create a comprehensive Ecuadorian seaside property tour.

Steve took a group of delegates down for a look and wrote these notes from his trip:

“As I sip my morning coffee sitting in the restaurant which has an open balcony on the second floor, I remember Gary’s description of the beach – ‘when the tide is in only the hotel guests and the residents of the neighboring properties can access it.'”


Here are delegates enjoying the Ecuadorian seaside Palmazul Hotel on the beach.

“Jessica, the owner greets me and I make a mental note to ask her some questions on how on earth she ever came up with the concept of a designer hotel in such a secluded spot. Right now our little group are the only people here but in a few days it turns out they will be full for Carnival; and could have sold out five times over.

“Breakfast is a buffet affair and reminds me of the sumptuous buffet breakfast at Hotel Quito. I try not to make a pig of myself… but it’s so good it’s difficult. All the staff are newly recruited locals, many who were involved in the fishing industry before. If that’s the case, Jessica, or someone, has done a remarkable job of training them because you would never know it. They’re very attentive.

“Breakfast is over but before we head off to Bahia de Caraquez, a town which claims to be ecologically friendly, I must get down to the beach. About 4 years ago I spent a couple of days at San Jacinto the neighboring village just a mile or so to the south. At the time I was struck by the calm swimming waters there and made a mental note to bring my son, Luke, to this area when he was older. The time has arrived.

“This beach has a gentle slope so is just right for swimming and sun-bathing. In Ecuador you do have to choose your beaches well; some have a strong undertow. When the tide is out at San Clemente, then you can wander at least a mile north and maybe further around another headland.

“Here in this part of Ecuador the coast alternates between rugged headlands, secluded coves and long stretch-for-ever sand beaches. This is where the irresistible Pacific meets the inmovable mass called South America. And just as California has the fabled Highway One, so Ecuador has its own coastal highway, the Ruta del Sol, which runs from Manta south to Salinas.

“Back from Bahia I could see an amazing sunset about to take shape. I’m just an enthusiastic amateur photographer but these photos below are for all you sunset lovers – this one was a beauty.”


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As you ride into the sunset, Merri and I hope that all your beaches are broad and sailing is smooth.