Ecuador Energy

by | Feb 11, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador’s Energy is everywhere and it seems to be in Cotacachi it is even solving the energy crisis in a very small way.

I realized this while walking down Mount Cotacachi…which by the way takes plenty of energy to walk up since it reaches over 16,000 feet.

Yet with the energy of Ecuador one does crazy things like this…walking up steep mountains.

Coming down the mountain, I was thinking of the 40 or 50 other families that have moved here from England, Canada the US and Australia when the thought caught me “Not one of them has purchased a car!”

Even though gas is only $1.50 a gallon.

What a wonderful fact. We gringos all walk here or use the very good low cost public transportation.

Think of the environmental benefits and energy savings.

There is another benefit as well. Our friends report losing weight and feeling better. Many even want to join me doing crazy things like walking up mountains!

Until next message, may at least some of the things you do be crazy and good.


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