Ecuador Risk Assessment

by | Feb 10, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador risks do not seem to be more than elsewhere. In fact at times I wonder.

We have been looking at Ecuador risk and the importance of this risk factor.

Merri and just returned from the US back here to Cotacachi, Ecuador.

While on the trip Merri read the book, “Small is the New Big” by Seth Godin. She spent hours on the flight reading out ideas to me.

The book has a great quote, “Safe is the riskiest thing to do.”

That came to mind while dining one evening with one of our very dependable friends who told us this true tale that just took place about an accountant …mid 60s…successful business with a couple hundred or so clients.

The accountant managed money for 20 or so of these clients as well.

He was successful…respected and getting a divorce.

Not a nice one…but the split was 50-50 in the end. The spouse not satisfied, sent a note to the IRS saying that the CPA was doing something he should not be with the clients…which was not true.

The IRS sent all the clients a questionnaire. About half the clients quit using the accountant.

Just two clients had been unhappy. They used this letter to complain to the state where the accountant did business.

The state froze all his bank accounts.

The accountant could not pay his bills…operate his business. Eventually applied for bankruptcy. He could not since he was not technically bankrupt. His assets were just frozen…not gone.

Eventually the accountant lost just about everything…yet he did nothing wrong.

Risk is everywhere.

The safe route is not the one that appears to be safe! The key to success is recognizing risk and making sure that you receive the proper premium for taking it!


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