Ecuador Property Tax

by | Feb 9, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador property tax in Cotacachi Ecuador was low. I knew this.

How low I asked? I wanted to know what they would be on our small house and the condos shown here.

With views like this.

Yet sometimes answers come slow.

One our staff here at El Meson de las Flores told me that the property tax on his home was $3.

Now that’s low. But how about the condos?

A friend who has a beautiful home…for sale at $495,000 said her property tax was $48.

Wow, that’s really low but her property was zoned agricultural.

How about the condos zoned residential?

Finally one of the owners obtained his tax bill from city hall…for a three bedroom 2.5 bathroom, 1,25 square foot condo that sells for $49,000.

$38 a year!


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