Ecuador Beach by the Month

by | Feb 5, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador Coastal Hotels Savings are now available at Palmazul Coastal Hotel Spa, one of the newest Ecuador beach hotels.

Palmazul sits directly on Ecuador’s beach and is offering an Ecuador coastal Hometel program so you can have a home away from home on Ecuador’s beach…live in luxury on the Ecuador sea at very low cost for a month (or longer) at a time.

Palmazul becomes your home for an Ecuadorian coastal adventure on the Pacific.

This your Ecuador coastal swimming pool really on the beach…tennis courts too…overlooking the Ecuadorian sea.

This empty Ecuador beach, is your front yard at this Ecuadorian coastal hotel.

Here are some snapshots of the Palmazul Coastal Hotel and Spa. Ecuador Living is working with owners Kjetil and Jessica Haugan so subscribers can stay in this brand new modern spa at an extra low rate of monthly rate of $1,499 (less than half the normal daily rate).

The monthly price includes a wonderful served breakfasts from this dining room overlooking Ecuador‘s wonderful Pacific coast.

Dinner here is special too. You visit this Ecuadorian fisherman when he brings in his fresh Pacific catch each day back to the hotel….where you can choose your meal. Few Ecuadorian coastal hotels offer this service.

Wonderful Pacific fish, crabs and shrimp that are huge…like this….cooked at the hotel minutes after they are brought off the boat.

Or stroll into nearby Ecuadorian coastal town of San Clemente where the hotel is located for dinner or lunch as we did. Here is one of the many Ecuadorian coastal seafood cafes on or near the beach.

At one of the Ecuadorian coastal cafes a Ceviche is $3.50…like this.

A short walk back to Palmazul Coastal Hotel & Spa gives you miles of empty beach.

From the café we look to the right.

And the left…more empty Ecuadorian beach.

San Clemente is a charming rustic, coastal village, 45 minutes north of the port city of Manta , almost exactly in the middle of Ecuador ’s coast. Palmazul is perfectly located on a dead end road..enjoying proximity to town yet quiet as there is no through traffic. Transportation is also easy and fun…small motorcycles with a seat!

San Clemente is a perfect starting point for exploring Ecuador ’s coast…in the middle so you can reach the north or south of the coast in a day.

Yet in San Clemente , the days are full. You are welcome to join the local fishermen who ride this surf out for the day.

Fish from the jetties, stroll the beach, travel the coast, hike, horse ride, play tennis or just relax around the pool or on the beach.

Of course you can also work. Palmazul offers free wireless broadband for your laptop. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Ecuador ’s coast, but always stay in touch electronically with the rest of the world.

The spa also has a treatment room where you can enjoy a massage.

Your room will have a view and private balcony so your comfort does not end when the sun sets.

As dusk arrives so does the seas breeze…fresh into your room.

Cozy in your bed…

The surf serenades you in a soft night’s sleep…so you’ll be ready for the gentle surf and Pacific waters warmed by Ecuador ’s never ending sun.

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Ecuador Coastal Hotels Savings

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Surf & Turf!

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