Surviving Destructive Technology Part III

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Surviving destructive technology grows in importance.

Democratic capitalism encourages destructive technology is a hallmark of growing wealth but in today’s high tech, fast changing world also destroys jobs at an ever increasing rate.

Competition creates material wealth…but hurts many who do not adapt.  Those who let their skills evolve to serve the global economy and to use modern technology enjoy greater and greater wealth. Those who remain static can be hurt.

Learning new ways to create wealth globally is one of the greatest assets for creating wealth, independence and freedom.   One way to gain this asset protection is to create earnings with a small – at home business.

Merri and I have moved comfortably through so many economic crashes because our business always pays our way and evolves easily as times change.

One of the evolutions was arriving here in Ecuador , a wonderful place to create wealth and enjoy living.

This is why we conduct regular import export courses and help delegates learn how to sell their products through the internet.  We enjoy helping our readers create their own businesses so much that we would like everyone to share our import export course.  There is such a great great pleasure and wonderful feeling when we can help others create their own wealth by buying from them and at the same time creating wealth for ourselves!

Our next Ecuador Import Export Course runs from February 18 to 23.  See

To help in this effort we have arranged to share a FREE series on developing your own email business written by one of our self publishing students, Michelle Toole, on how to develop your website.

Here is lesson eleven.

Top Do’s and Don’ts when Building your Web Site


…build a web site with tons of content to please both the search engines and your readers!

…use short sentences.  The Internet is a fast-paced world and your visitors want to get your information fast. So edit, edit, edit! And remember misspelled words and poor grammar are a quick way to send your readers packing!

…use a consistent look and feel on your web site. A site should be informative and easy to maneuver.   And all of the pages should have a similar look and feel as well as the same navigation system throughout the entire site.

…keep your links current and accurate. How many times have you gone to a web site and clicked on a link that didn’t work? Enough said.

…make sure visitors to your site can tell at a glance what your site is about.  Most people will leave a site in the first two seconds if they dont think your site offers them what they are looking for.


…fill your web site with useless links and irrelevant text as this diverts most of the traffic from the web site. Give them what they came for: INFORMATION.

…put a lot of slow-loading graphics on your page.  No matter how fancy and snazzy those graphics are, people are not going to stick around and wait for them to load.

…have pages that are “Under construction”.  If it is not complete, do not post the page. And what ever you do, don’t put one of those ‘under construction’ images on the page.

…try to mislead search engines.  Trying to mislead search engines by repeating keywords will turn against you. Search engines recognize many of these attempts and will react on it by giving your site a lower ranking or by not placing it at all.

…use pop-ups, force people to download a new browser and/or a special plug-in to see your site, or put music on your site.  Visitors find these really annoying.  Needless to say the less you annoy a visitor, the more likely he or she is to stay.

“…participate in link exchange programs or link farms. Google will ban sites that participate in link exchange programs, and many of the other major engines have also expressed their dislike of artificially created link popularity.”

Look for my future articles where we discuss additional monetization options, search engine optimization, incoming links, e-zines, link exchange programs and much more…..

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to


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