Infrared Healing

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Infrared healing may yet change the way science thinks about one more major health problem.

Merri and I first learned about healing with light from Anthony Castiglia, M.D. who runs Advanced Integrative Medicine in Mooresville , North Carolina (704-799-9740).

He explained that this was a leading edge health treatment for all types of illness, aches and pains, wounds, burns, cavities, joint problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia, brain cancer, osteoporosis and much more. Anthony had introduced me to a specially designed ultrasound device called a Cavitron, that spots tiny cavities in the jaw (often created when teeth are pulled) called cavitations.

My examination had revealed two such cavities and we were trying to avoid the normal medical answer, which is a root canal.

I wanted an alternative method of healing and hence was introduced to the idea of using infrared light treatment. I began to research healing and light and learned that infrared is being used in many types of medical treatments.

Now a BBC article entitled “Alzheimer’s helmet therapy hope” show that infra red light may have potential in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

The article says: An experimental helmet is being tested by scientists as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. It delivers low levels of infra-red light, which researchers at the University of Sunderland , believe may stimulate the growth of brain cells. Tests in mice showed it improved learning ability and a study in humans is due to begin in the summer. Current treatments for Alzheimer’s delay progression of the disease but cannot reverse memory loss.

The infra-red therapy was first developed to treat cold sores. But when researchers studied how it worked, they found it stimulated growth of cells and may have applications in other conditions. In tests in people with dementia using infra-red lasers, eight out of nine people showed some improvement, said Dr Gordon Dougal, a GP and director of Virulite, a medical research company based in County Durham.”

When I first learned about infra red I had no idea what a monumental difference infrared light would bring to my family’s health. You can read an incredible tale about health at

Until next message I hope you gain many ways to improve and maintain your health


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