Ecuador Hospital Reputations

by | Jan 27, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador hospital reputations are that they offer good care.

A recent message reviewed comments from a reader who likes Ecuador hospitals so much that he is coming from the US to Ecuador to Quito ’s Hospital Metropolitano for his checkups.

He also wrote and said:

By the way please let your readers know how efficient the hospital in Quito was compared to the massive Carolina medical center.

Ecuador’s Hospital Metropolitano web site says:

“Founded in 1985, Hospital Metropolitano has quickly gained the confidence of the medical community around the world. Moreover, the ledgendary quality of Hospital Metropolitano’s services has made it a leader in the Ecuadorian and Andean medical communities.

“The Hospital has obtained this level of respect thanks to its prestigious medical staff, its modern facilities, and its state-of-the-art technology. All of these elements converge to offer to each one of Hospital Metropolitano’s patients the best medical care available. Quality care and attentive, friendly staff place Hospital Metropolitano on par with the World’s leading medical facilities.

“Learn about services and benefits offered by Hospital Metropolitano and get information on its convenient credit card financing plans.”


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