Asset Protection through Earnings

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Asset protection through earnings has greater importance when stock markets and economies are crashing worldwide (as they are now).

One of the greatest assets of all is your independence…freedom…ability to serve and earn. This wonderful income earning ability allows you to protect your assets. You can live off earnings when investments are down. With a personal income earning ability, you are not forced to make bad investments decisions at the worst of times.

One way to gain this asset protection is to create earnings with a small – at home business.

Merri and I have moved comfortably through so many economic crashes because our business always pays our way. We can let our investments grow when times are good and keep our powder dry to buy even better investments when times are bad.

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We enjoy helping our readers create their own businesses so much that we would like everyone to share our self publishing course…by email or in person.

To help in this effort we have arranged to share a FREE series on developing your own email business written by one of our self publishing students, Michelle Toole , on how to develop your website.

Here is lesson eight.

Monetizing, your last step toward building your web site

You should by now have identified your best Site Concept. What follows now is finalizing your domain name and developing your monetization plan so you can begin building your web site.

Keep in mind that your goal is to fully investigate and plan the monetization models for your upcoming site.

Keep these words by Thomas A. Edison in mind as you create your monetization plan…. “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

Here is how you plan your site Monetization…

1) Investigate and assure yourself that your Site Concept can indeed make substantial profits. Use Site Build It’s Search It!

2) Lay out your plan for your site Monetization. Which one will be your primary income stream? How and when will you lay out the others? Which others?

Quality relevant Content is what drives the internet, is what delivers high volumes of PREsold visitors who love you. Once you have a solid traffic base, Monetization is easy. So, your job is to figure out how YOU then turn that traffic into MONEY!

First, realize that you most likely will not choose only one monetization model. A diversified portfolio of Monetization will build you a stronger, more profitable and more stable business.

OK let’s investigate your Site Concept and make sure it can produce substantial profits. To make it easier, take a look at the free public version of Search It ( created by Site Build IT …..

Take your time with the Search It tool; review all the search options available to you in the Monetization Category. Below are a few of the tools I would suggest using:

· Keywords worth (Google Keyword Tool)

· Keywords worth (Google Traffic Estimator)

· Preview Google AdSense Ads

· Find Affiliate Programs at Google

· Find Affiliate Programs at APn

· Find Products at ClickBank

There are bound to be one or more queries of value for your particular business (ex., finding companies with good affiliate programs, or identifying product opportunities). For example…

Would you like to know the exact financial value of certain keywords? Try both the Google and the Yahoo! versions of the Monetization > What Are Your Keywords Worth?” query…

Even if you think you know exactly how you will monetize (and that might change as you proceed), don’t lock yourself into one monetization model. Why leave money on the table?

All set? Let’s layout your site Monetization plan……..

MONETIZE your warm, willing-to-buy visitors in various ways. How? Sell hard goods, e-goods, your personal or professional services… or all three. Or become a “pure infopreneur” and earn substantial income without selling at all, through Google AdSense, affiliate fees, finder’s fees and other techniques. A blend of monetization options will help you build a thriving, diversified business.

Review potential monetization models (presented below). Consider each one carefully. Depending on your particular niche and business intentions, some will apply to you. Some won’t. Tailor your choice of monetization models according to your time constraints and priorities.

The key is to never be dependent on any one-income source. “All your eggs in one basket” is a high-risk strategy. By diversifying, your revenues increase, your business is more stable, and YOU are in charge of your business destiny.

Ready? Let’s get started on your monetization plan…

  • AdSense. Most web sites use this as their starting monetization model. You simply place Google AdWords ads on your site and get paid for each click.
  • Hard Goods Creators/Sellers. Sell your own product. Or find ideas on selling someone else’s product and/or using the convenience of drop-shipping.
  • Affiliate Businesses. Learn about Clickbank’s affiliate program as well as various other affiliate programs/products your readers may be interested in buying. Affiliate programs are where you advertise other people’s products on your site and you get a percentage of the sales.
  • Service Businesses. Your site can be a great vehicle for starting up a service business or expanding your existing one. Use your quality content to build credibility and make your visitors want to contact you about a contract.
  • Local Offline Businesses. Use your Web site as an extension of your offline business, and increase your customer base.
  • Referrers/Finders. If your Site Concept fits, make use of this under-utilized monetization model. Build one-on-one, lead generating relationships with on and off-line businesses. Then get paid every time you refer one of your readers to their business.
  • Web Professionals. Hang out your Webmaster shingle. The demand is high. Help other people follow their passion and start a successful internet site. Find out how to satisfy your clients and get a jump on your competitors.
  • Net Auction Sellers. Put eBay to work for you, rather than the other way around. Become your own “Power Seller.” Advertise eBay products on your site or get paid for sending customers to other eBay sellers.
  • E-goods Creators/Sellers. Low overheads and no stock to carry. These are just 2 reasons that make e-goods an ideal monetization model. E-goods are not limited to e-books — for example, you can also use audio to generate revenue. It comes down to selling information and this is a great way to make money. You can even sell other people’s e-books as an affiliate and you can make 50% profit!
  • Sales and Rental Agents. “If you can represent it, you can sell or rent it on the Net.”
  • Existing E-businesses. Funnel your targeted PREsold traffic to your existing online store or business site — a great way to leverage your efforts and profits.

Remember to think “outside the box” — mix ‘n match the monetization models to suit your site topic. You are not limited to only one monetization model.

By doing some “future” thinking now, you will know if your present choice of a Site Concept will allow for more than one profitable opportunity. And you’ll get an idea of how profitable it can be. Don’t box yourself into a corner before you even get started!”

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

Until next message, may all your assets be protected through earnings.


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