Ecuador Food

by | Jan 22, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador food is one of the little things that makes Ecuador such a wonderful place to visit…and perhaps stay.

Ecuador’s people and its food combined become really special.

Numerous messages about Ecuador at this site have pointed out the wonderful way our Ecuadorian staff responds to our visitors as they play at making everything special…even the most mundane part of eating such as Ecuadorian Ketchup (or Catsup as the British would say). Keep in mind, that Ecuador doesn’t really have ketchup…it’s just that our clients have asked for it…and well what the heck can you do to make ketchup special?

Take it out of the bottle and put it in a nice dish?

The staff at El Meson believe there is more….the Ecuadorian way…service with care and Ecuador ’s beauty!

Here is what I spotted them doing at our recent Super Thinking + Spanish Course…serving Ecuadorian ketchup in a hollowed out lemon surrounded by rose petals and leaves! Wow!

What more can I say about Ecuador and Ecuadorians? No one taught them this or asked them to do this special treat. Ecuador ’s people up here in Cotacachi continually look for ways to make everything in life for our guests special…one reason why Merri and I love it here.


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