Ecuador Exports are Fun

by | Jan 19, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador exports offer so many exciting ideas because there is such variety and such talent.

Our Ecuador export course helps you learn how to take unusual products, make them unique and then adapt them to a niche market.

Take for example this excellent botanical artist, Monteros.

He did this wonderful piece for us. This is great. This painting is great art and is exportable as is…but…to my way of thinking this is just the beginning.

I took this piece and made it my business card!

My US address and number are on the reverse side. The art, color separations, printing and paper (recycled velum) are superb. These are the nicest business cards I have ever had.

Now comes the adaptation that makes this product utterly unique. One of our guests here is a globally known naturalist and birding guide. My suggestion is that he creates a program for his bird watching clients.

Monteros paints their favorite bird. The water color (or in oil) is theirs to hang in their office or home and then they also get business cards with the same unique picture.

Here are some other works by Monteros:

We are seeing more and more success by delegates from our import export course.

Former delegate Bonnie Keogh recently reported:

Ecuador exports are a fun way to gain a second income, early retirement or build a substantial business. There is great opportunity and this type of business really helps the poor here as well.

May all your business ideas bring good fruit, we look forward to serving you in developing a business in Ecuador . exports.


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