Aromas of Pleasure

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Aromas of pleasure can mean many things to many people but readers of any length of time at this site know that aromas of pleasure are spelled

C-o-f-f-e-e & C-h-o-c-a-l-a-t-e!

The days of wine and roses you say? I’ll pass. I prefer coffee and chocolate.

Recent messages have looked at health benefits of coffee and chocolate…how to help Ecuador ’s poor in the Amazon with chocolate and Intag organic coffee…even how to enjoy a chocolate massage.

So imagine how excited I felt when our friend Candace Newman told me that there is now coffee and chocolate essential oils so we can make Valentine’s Day the day of coffee, chocolate and roses!

Candace wrote:

“Valentine’s Day has always been about chocolate and roses…delicious tastes and aromas….soulful elements. We have two special gifts of Aromatherapy to celebrate aromas of pleasure, our heart and life itself on a daily basis.

“I was brought up outside Washington , DC , in Chevy Chase , Maryland , and with each trip to Georgetown I made a point of going into the coffee and tea shop on Wisconsin Avenue …just to smell the rich soul-soothing aromas of coffee. The little narrow shop had dark beautiful wooden shelves from floor to ceiling of different coffees and teas. The atmosphere was delicious. It was a soulful experience just to be there…..breathing.

“I felt the same way about an exquisite chocolate shop, Sprunglei in Zurich , Switzerland on the beautiful Bahnhofstrausse. It was like a chocolate museum with every figure from cars to castles made in chocolate.

“When I found pure Coffee Essential Oil from Brazil and pure Chocolate Absolute from France ….it was time to put these two sensual aromas together in our little tin for the pure enjoyment of their deep, luscious aromas.

“Some reports say taste is as much as 80% smell. If there is anosmic (a loss of smell), the person often suffers from depression because smell contributes to our total sense of well being. It affects our emotional state which changes our brain chemistry. Seldom did I buy coffee in the coffee shop in Georgetown , and I walked completely through the chocolate shop in Zurich and did not buy any chocolate. I was completely satisfied with the absorbed aromas and felt wonderful! Now I understand why.


The OLA Coffee and Chocolate Little Tin contains 4 mls each of pure Coffee Essential Oil from Brazil , and pure Chocolate Absolute from France . Keep these little bottles with you. Close your eyes and take 5-7 deep breaths. Enjoy the pleasurable feelings from these delicious aromas as often as you like.

Do not stop with the chocolate though. Throw in roses as well.

Candace says:

“Rose is referred to as the Queen of Flowers and historically the most referred to flower for describing love in poetry, literature, and music. Rose is the flower and the essential oil of the heart. Rose otto Essential Oil (Rosa Damacena) from Bulgaria is revered as the finest of all rose oils… like the finest of wines. Rose and Lavender are a perfect marriage of essential oils. They are wonderful for the skin, and for balancing the rhythms of the emotional and physical states. After I created this blend and mist in my Aromatherapy practice to use for my clients, I was attending an International Conference on Aromatherapy in England held by doctors of Europe . I visited the Norfolk Lavender Fields and noticed in the English gardens they planted Lavender and Roses next to each other. In asking about this, I was told: “Well, of course….they take care of each other!” How lovely to be putting them back together again at the end of the process in a bottle for us to savor.

“Enjoy these oils and aromas of pleasure….to soothe frazzled emotions, calm scattered minds….and celebrate our hearts.


The OLA Lavender-Rose Massage Blend and Mist Duo is a 4 oz cobalt blue glass bottle of each with a pump and a mist top. The massage blend is in a base of 100% Organic Golden Jojoba that can be used in the bath, after the shower, and as a body and face treatment. You can also take it to your massage therapist to use for your massage. The mist can be used as often as you like, making big circles around your head and face. It is wonderfully restorative for your skin.

“The Oil Lady Aromatherapy® Coffee and Chocolate Tin is $40.90…and The Oil Lady Aromatherapy® Lavender-Rose Massage Blend and Mist Duo is $61.85. These prices include priority mail shipping in the continental USA . Other shipping will be quoted individually.

The Oil Lady Aromatherapy® Coffee and Chocolate Order here

Aromatherapy® Lavender-Rose Massage Blend and Mist Duo Order here

Both the above, Chocolate, Coffee, Lavender and Roses Order here

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Enjoy the beauty of the countryside like this view of Intag where organic coffee is grown.

Roasting Intag Coffee

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