Fight Inflation with Content

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Inflation is a great problem in our modern world. Inflation affects us all. If we are near retirement age, inflation can slaughter our pensions and turn the golden color of our last years to rust instead.

Families have it even worse. Food, clothing shelter…educating the kids. Health insurance…taxes not to mention dealing with the stress of an ever faster, more complicated world.

Merri and I continually focus on solving this problem. One way to fight inflation is with a small – at home inflation fighting business. Small…yes, in terms of hassle, stress and overheads.

Our business is small in these terms, but not in terms of profits that relate to our cost of living. Plus our profits continue to rise with inflation.

This is why I have created an alliance with AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), one of the largest publishers in this field. I am conducting a three day workshop with AWAI in Tampa at the end of the month and have been offering readers an early enrollment savings of $300. This is the last day that you can take advantage of this early bird special. Learn more about this upcoming workshop in Tampa at

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We enjoy helping our readers create their own businesses so much that we would like everyone to share our self publishing course…by email or in person.

To help in this effort we have arranged to share a FREE series on developing your own email business written by one of our self publishing students, Michelle Toole , on how to develop your website.

Read Michelle’s first six lessons at

Here is lesson seven:

Your Content Blueprint: How big is too big?

I am sure you are chomping at the bit to finish your “Content Blueprint” but first we need to make sure you fully understand what keywords you should use for your Tier 1 home page, your Tier 2 pages and your Tier 3 pages. As well as answering, the all-important question of how big is too big.

How Big and how Detailed Should Your Content Blueprint Be?

Great question. The answer to this question depends on YOU and how detailed do YOU like plan? You only have to include the number of pages in your Content Blueprint that you will have time to build during your first 6 months to 1 year.

Three quick examples…

· If you organize your keyword list into 7 TIER 2 pages, and then lay out 7 TIER 3 pages, you will find that for each TIER 2, you will have to have 49 TIER 3 pages all planned out. Together with the 7 TIER 2 pages and the home page, you will end up with the Blueprint for a 57-page site.

· If you like to plan in more detail, map out 10 TIER 2 pages and, say, 10 TIER 3 pages per TIER 2. That’s a 111-page site all planned out.

· Finally, the “mega-plan.” Place 15 keywords into TIER 2 pages and 15 more for each of them into TIER 3 pages. That’s 241 pages!

OK, so now which keywords go where?

TIER 1 Where do YOU start? Your home page!

The home page crowns the pinnacle. It’s a Keyword-Focused Content Page (KFCP) that focuses on your Site Concept keyword. Your home page’s main structural job is to link to approximately 5-15 TIER 2 KFCPs.

What in the world, does KFCP mean?

It stands for Keyword Focused Content Page, which is just a fancy way of saying that it is a page that has content that is written around a specific keyword or keyword phrase. An effective KFCP wraps high-value content around a Specific Keyword (i.e., the topic for that page)… which both human visitors and Search Engines love.

So what keyword do we use for your home page? Your Site Concept keyword is one of your highest Demand Specific Keywords. And will also likely have the highest competition (supply). Ultimately, it will be the most highly visited Web page, but your first page won’t be the one to rank the highest at the engines, it will likely be one of the last pages since it also has one of the highest Supply among your Specific Keywords.

TRAFFIC GROWS FROM THE BOTTOM UP AND NOT FROM THE TOP DOWN! Build a great site with real content with hundreds of Specific Keywords related to your theme and you will automatically generate a ton of long tail traffic. What do I mean by long tail traffic? More on that later….

TIER 2 This is the all-important hub tier.

But how do you know which keywords from your keyword list make good TIER 2 pages? Choose the ones that sub-divide well, naturally leading to several TIER 3 pages that are sub-topics of each TIER 2. Here’s an example…

“Healthy Home” is one of my TIER 2 pages that discuss this topic in general terms…

· It links to TIER 3 pages that cover Definition of Healthy Home, Products to use in your Healthy Home, Most Common Household Toxins etc……

· It links to other TIER 3 pages that are contextually relevant.

· It also cross-links to another TIER 2 page; “My Journey” page (keywords “Benefits of Living Healthy”) which focuses on my health issues and my healthy living strategy.

Each TIER 2 page should be a good “hub” page, working well as a logical link from the home page and naturally linking to 5-15 TIER 3 pages (which are related but more specific in nature, usually a subcategory of the TIER 2 subject matter). It’s an added bonus if a TIER 2 also has high Demand (with reasonable Supply) and solid monetizability.

And that brings up other, secondary considerations when choosing a TIER 2 page. A site’s natural organization is the most important factor. But if many keywords subdivide well into TIER 3 pages, lean towards keywords with…

· high demand and reasonable Supply — it’s nice if the Tier 2 is highly profitable, but sub-division is the most important criterion

· a good number of potential monetization options.

These TIER 2 pages will, once your site matures, be found at the engines more frequently than TIER 3 pages. And since they are “NavBar button pages,” visitors will click to visit them more often too. So plan to monetize your TIER 2 pages, one way or another.

The key point to retain…

Site structure (i.e., natural sub-categorization/flow/linking to numerous TIER 3 pages) is most important. Humans must feel that you have sliced and diced a site in a logical, easy-to-understand manner.

TIER 3 The mass of your Content ultimately resides in TIER 3.

Think of it as the big, solid foundation of your 3-TIER structure. If you have chosen your TIER 2 pages well, these keywords are easy to slot into place.

Think of the 3 Tiers like this….. If TIER 1 is the trunk of a tree and your TIER 2 pages are its branches, then TIER 3 pages are the leaves. In the same way leaves fill our planet with oxygen, all those TIER 3 pages add up and fill your coffers with dollars.

Moving Forward…

Phew! (We’re just about done.) Concept Blueprint in hand, you’re roaring to get started. But first, let’s devote time to verifying and plan how you are going to monetize your site. After all, you may have a wonderful Site Concept, one that excites you, and with theoretically profitable keywords, but monetization is where the rubber hits the road, you could say… It pays to be sure! Michelle Toole .

Look for next week’s article where we outline a monetization model for your Content Blueprint and look at your options for your web site domain name…….plus a lot more in the coming weeks about the last step on how to plan for success.

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

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