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by | Jan 9, 2008 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi currency information can help you enjoy greater safety and higher returns.


We have been involved in multi currency investing since May 1968 and there are two ways I can assist you.


First we offer an emailed on line multi currency course. Details are at

Second, we conduct four courses this year that teach the basics of multi currency investing.


Two courses will be conducted in North Carolina .  For details click here  


We have a 252 acre North Carolina farm where we have set up a seminar center and often have the courses there.


Here is Thomas Fischer, a top manager from one of Denmark ’s best investment banks speaking at our North Carolina center.




You will be able to meet European bankers at these courses for private consultations.


Here are delegates speaking with European bankers as they enjoy lunch during the course. We find that during the off hours of the courses delegates enhance what they have heard by talking with one another. Many friendships are also made.





We also own a colonial inn in Ecuador where we conduct the courses. Here I am speaking to delegates at one of our open air sessions.



Here is our colonial meeting room.




As I am an investment publisher and not an advisor I must adhere to strict regulations rules laid down by the SEC.


The two distinguishing factors that that distinguish a publisher from an advisor are:


#1: One size fits all vs. customized. An investment newsletter publisher sends out the same information to all subscribers to a particular publication.  In contrast an investment advisor provides customized recommendations that fit the individual goals and circumstances of individuals.


#2: Reader or Client. An investment newsletter publisher like an author has no information about the individual financial circumstances of its readers. In contrast an investment advisor must have individual information.


The SEC is extremely aggressive in policing these rules and we are quite sensitive to this issue.  We feel that maintaining our roll as publishers and our freedom to write what we wish without interference from the SEC is the best way to serve our readers.


Thus we cannot have personal discussions about our reader’s finances and cannot give specific individual advice.


If you would like to send a question we can give answers to general questions via a question and answer form that is sent to all our readers in our daily emails.


I regret that the state of society has come to the state where government dictates how well informed adults can conduct business together, but the aggressiveness of the government in this matter is something we cannot ignore.


However our on line and in person multi currency courses are excellent and can help you direct your investment advisor or banker so you gain greater safety and higher returns.


To enroll in the on line course please go to






P.S. May 2008 will be our 40th year in multi currency investing so we have just about seen it all. Our courses share these many years of experience. Plus there is no hidden agenda. As publishers we do not receive commission of any type nor do we earn any income from investment our readers make. Our success over these decades has been from having happy, loyal subscribers.  We hope we’ll be able to add you to these rolls!


To enroll in the on line course please go to


To learn more about our 40 years of experience see