Ecuador Fare War

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Ecuador fares were not high in the first place, but an air fare war from Miami to Ecuador is heating up due to a new Ecuador airline flying from Miami as Steve reports:

“ Gary , There is a new air service between Miami and Guayaquil in Ecuador ; from there one can transfer rapidly to Quito or the Galapagos Islands or Cuenca or Manta. It is offered by Aerogal an established operator in Ecuador . They operate 20 flights a day between Quito and Guayaquil and are one of three Ecuadorian airlines, the other two are the national airline, Tame, and Icaro.”

The website is Below is from this website:

“Aerogal is the official airline of the Galapagos but has been dramatically expanding. The line has grown from 700 passengers a month in 2002 to an average monthly volume of 50,000 passengers and over one million per year.

“The firm has a young and dynamic Executive President, Gabriela Sommerfeld, who has been working to increase the domestic routes as well as launch international flights to New York and Miami .

Gabriela Sommerfeld

“Aerogal currently offers low price flights between the Galapagos, Guayaquil , Quito , Cuenca , Manta, San Cristobal , Baltra and Coco . Recently the US DOT approved daily flights between Guayaquil and Miami . Passengers there can then travel onto Quito , Cuenca Manta or the Galapagos.

“Aerogal is the only Ecuadorian airline to fly into the U.S. They have a good focus on safety as well with all of the airline’s planes, including six new Boeing 737-200 aircraft, serviced exclusively in the U.S. by the FAA-authorized Tucson-based company Hamilton. They are also the only airline to offer all passengers first class service including welcome champagne, warm meals and their own flat panel TV.”

This is also the only Ecuadorian airline that offers online booking. I took a look at the website and found that a Miami Guayaquil fare was currently running $450 plus $115 tax or $565 total.

The web site for aerogal takes you to an English site where you can select flight dates and get quotes.

This is not the least expensive quote. Farecompare shows that American Airlines is offering flights during this same time for $359. A round trip flight from Miami to Gauyaquil on AA was quoted at $259 versus $349 for Aerogal.

We have noted time and again that when new airlines come into Latin American where American Airlines flies that American becomes very aggressive at dropping fares. Competition…I love it!

Nor does the web site appear to be the least expensive way to book on Aerogal. offered Aerogal flight for $459 on the same dates as their web site offered the $565 fare.

Merri and I will try the Aerogal soon, but in the meantime whether you fly Aerogal or any of the other airlines to Ecuador …now is a great time to do it while prices are low.

Airlines that fly into Quito from the US include:

Airlines serving Quito :









On the subject of Mariscal Sucre airport, this is one of the nicest emerging airports Merri and I have ever used. Clean carpeted jetports take you to a shiny marble clad, rose decorated immigration area where the officers politely and efficiently welcome you to Ecuador . Baggage arrives promptly and customs rarely looks at your baggage. We are often from the deplane to our waiting van in less than 30 minutes. The entire process is quiet, well organized and the baggage handlers treat us well.

The new nearly 4,000 acre airport we expect to be even better. This will add some great opportunity for real estate in our area now. The new airport scheduled to open in 2010 is about 15 miles west of Quito and that much closer (about an hour of travel saved) to our province. This airport will sit at about 7,500 feet altitude compared to Quito ’s 9,500. This lower altitude and elimination of noise reduction procedures (due to being away from town) means larger loads can arrive and take off.

Low air fares to Ecuador are not the only bargain developing right now. Readers continually ask about dental services here.

We use a laser only-no pain dentist here and many of our delegates do as well. Cleaning is $15. My crowns (very good ones with four fittings ran about $300 each.

Prices are generally 30% or less of prices in the US …and we find the care sweeter…kinder. See

Now there is a new laser dentist, Doctor Bertha Gomez Lopez, who has moved to Cotacachi. Our first guest went there last week. His cleaning and seven temporary fillings cost $15. He is going back for seven porcelain fillings and the quote is $70. We’ll try her ourselves this week.

I’ll be reporting about my experience immediately at our Ecuador Living website.

Learn about our full Ecuador service at

Since our Ecuador Living service includes a free stay at our hotel El Meson de las Flores (a $72 value), you should subscribe to this service if you plan to be in this area.

Until next message, may you find bargains wherever you go.


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