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Self publishing questions can help us learn how to have everlasting wealth.

As the world changes at an ever increasing rate we hear from more and more readers who want their own small…flexible…but profitable self publishing business to fight inflation and make life more fun and stress free.

A reader recently sent me this note: “ Gary , I was turned onto your information recently and have become a regular reader. Thank you for putting your information online.

A quick question though: in regards to self-publishing do you advocate the use of advertising – i.e., adsense or paid advertisements – as part of your strategy? I notice you don’t on your site but other successful publishers do (they include a mix of this as well as their own products). I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts. Keep up the great work. Best, Curtis.”

Here is my reply:

Curtis, we do not do this though for many it is a good idea. We feel that it is vital to have an intimate relationship with our readers. We know how fed up everyone is being bombarded with ads. When one allows any type of product to be added to a site, it diminishes the trustworthiness of the relationship. Our view is that an open transparent credible relationship with our reader is everything.

Our ability to generate numerous high ticket products makes us one of the more profitable small publishing businesses. We do this recognizing that we are competing for a client’s attention as well as money. Our readers have limited time to stay on the internet and when we communicate with a reader we would like them to stay with our sites as much as possible.

Because we have so many products that cover a broad range (though highly focused) of products this seems to work well for us. Our publishing program show students why and how to create this situation so they can remain small and flexible but highly profitable.

Learn about our self publishing correspondence course at

We enjoy helping our readers create their own businesses so much that we would like everyone to share our self publishing course…by email or in person.

To help in this effort we have arranged to share a FREE series on developing your own email business written by one of our Self publishing students Michelle Toole on how to develop your website. Here is lesson six in this series.

Read Michelle’s first five lessons at

Michelle wrote when sending us this lesson:

“Just a quick update on my site keywords Healthy Living and Holistic Health.

These are two power words with a ton of competition that take a while to make headway but guess what……yup I am gaining speed!!

“Healthy Living #28 out of 37,700,000 (page 3)

“Holistic Health #67 out of 2,970,000 (page 7)

“6 months ago I wasn’t even in the search results for these two terms! It goes to show you that if you start small, follow your passion and persevere you will succeed. All I have to say is Goliath watch out David is coming!!”

Pulling it all together

You have come this far and now you are ready to pull it all together. You should have accomplished the following important steps:

– come up with a solid site concept,

– researched the site concept making sure that

. your theme has the best overall keyword value,

. is the concept that you have the most knowledge and passion about,

. it has theme “sexiness” and

. has the best monetization potential

Now it’s time for you to start working on your “Content Blueprint.” What do I mean by Content Blueprint?

Simply put, a Content Blueprint is similar to a corporate flow chart, but you are developing it for your web site instead. Your content blueprint should be so clear and solid that the site can almost write itself

As a matter of fact, you already have your Content Blueprint started; you just have to find it! It will emerge from your master list of keywords. Your initial Content Blueprint already exists in your Keyword List right now. As you create, build, review and analyze your Keyword List, you’ll refine your original Site Concept. And you’ll start organizing keywords into logical groupings within your soon-to-be Web site.

Your Content Blueprint will ultimately take the shape of a pyramid with your home page/site concept occupying the top of the pyramid, which will be made of 3 tiers displayed just like in a corporate flowchart.

What does each tier represent?

TIER 1 (T1) is your home page/site concept and it is displayed at the top of the 3 tiered pyramid.

TIER 2 (T2) is your Navigation Bar buttons, and are the next step on the pyramid. They are linked from your TIER 1.

TIER 3 (T3) is where the vast majority of your pages will be located and they are displayed at the bottom of the pyramid. You get to this tear via TIER 2.

Let’s take a look at my web site: and how it would look in a 3 tiered pyramid as represented in the chart below.

The first thing you’ll see is my “home page.” This page is my Tier 1 page. The name of my site (domain name: healthy-holistic-living) and my site keyword(s) or site concept (holistic health and healthy living) are displayed inside the top tier of the pyramid.

Now, if you look to the left of my home page you will see a navigation bar. The buttons on the navigation bar all represent what we call Tier 2 pages. My navigation bar button names (healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, etc) and keywords for each page (emotional healthy living, physical holistic health, definition of spiritual health, etc) are in the second tier of the pyramid.

Still on my home page, now click on the box in the navigation bar that says Healthy Mind (Tier 2 pages). Scroll down the page and under the subtitle ARTICLES you will find a list of articles and links to what we call Tier 3 pages. Each article name (Is Your Brain Fat Enough?, Ten Commandments for a Stress Free Life, Food For Brain Power etc..), as well as keywords (fish oil and anxiety, definition of stress, food for brain power etc…) for each article are in the third tier at the bottom of the pyramid (The third Tier is organized vertically on the 3 Tiered Pyramid below).

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

Learn how to learn from our online Self Publishing course. Details are at

Until next message, may all your life be filled with wonderful opportunity.


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