Multi Currency Stagflation Wars

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Multi Currency investing is required in today’s world because of competition. Competition is one of nature’s greatest forces. This leads to a continual improvement in life’s material standards yet also leads to all types of wars…political…military and economic.

Multi Currency investing is required in today’s world because of competition. Competition is one of nature’s greatest forces. This leads to a continual improvement in life’s material standards yet also leads to all types of wars…political…military and economic.

Wars stimulate competition and innovation. Take for example the cell phone…PC…Blackberry…internet…and email. An exploration of electricity and silicone was kicked off by WWII. This let to the microprocessor. Then the Cold War (WWIII) accelerated this process and a totally new era of productivity began.

This productive shift has allowed economic globalization to become a dominate characteristic in all business and finance. This fact forces us all to be multi currency investors. This also creates a greater need to accurately access, “what’s next.”

“If wars accelerate change, then perhaps we can better understand what is coming if we understand war.” With this thought in mind I asked readers to share thoughts on “what will the next major war be like.”

Here is what a number of readers shared:

“Today’s emailed report from Gary , gave a fascinating summary of the technologies which the focus of war has helped to perfect. As much as war is a waste of life and a horror, I am willing to concede that destruction is as essential to evolution as creation. So, here are my thoughts on “what new technology will WW IV bring that will once again boost our productivity and start the next big economic boom. First, it seems we have brought the global economy to the brink of an irrational numbers system, and the environment to the brink of collapse, and the social fabric to such a quickening of creative and destructive forces, that we simply must let go of old paradigms, old habits, old approaches to solving predicaments. We need technologies of consciousness itself. Once those technologies are tapped, perhaps it will no longer be a question of one technology prevailing over the others, of the new vanquishing the old, but of all available technologies cooperating to solve society’s problems and address its highest aspirations. Perhaps the next boom will not appear in the traditional model of win-lose, or of leap-frog, but on the basis of a global harmony of win-wins which may bring together the very archaic with unimaginably high-tech solutions to life’s challenges. Perhaps the next boom will no longer need to feed itself on the bursts of intense energy which fear has provided in the past. Perhaps it will derive its energy from a more peaceful state of fearlessness, a more peaceful equilibrium.”

In other words, this reader suggests we’ll see a war on war and the result will be that individuals will willingly put the overall good before their own. I hope so but am not convinced. I would not invest in this belief yet…as much as I would like…and expect a material profit.

Here is another reader’s definition of “war.”

“I was born in 1935 and have experienced never ending war around the world ever since. (The last report I saw on this was that at the current time, there are approximately 90 wars going on around the world.) And, in 2001, Bush declared a war which was to be never ending, that against the nebulous ‘terrorism’. In WW III, very little shooting took place. So what qualifies as WW IV? Only something declared by a ‘major’ power? (WWI began with a relatively ‘minor’ incident.) Warfare itself is changing and now favouring individuals over ‘big guns’. A $10 billion aircraft is useless against guerilla insurgents. And the ubiquitous AK47 has proven equal to all the fancy arms developed by the ‘major’ powers. (A sniper armed with a Barrett .50 cal rifle can now take on an armored personnel carrier at 1000 yards and puncture it like a tin can. So much for the big guns.)”

This reader’s thoughts suggest that technology may be required to make knowledge more defined and specifically reactive. In other words a bigger bomb is not required. Instead we need smaller smarter ways to know where someone or something is exactly and the ability to neutralize it in a very specific, small way.

This ties in with another reader’s thoughts:

“Gary, On the battlefield it will be the technology of remote controlled weaponry, drones and robotic systems, in part because we can’t afford to lose many of our 2.1 children per family while fighting their 6+ children per family.

At home it will be more and better detection and surveillance technology to defend against their asymmetrical offensive tactics. Also we are going back to the moon, so look for more space technology, which will dovetail with the need for remote systems. Also the need to replace Middle Eastern and Asian oil will continue to drive growth in fields like drilling technology. Deep sea drilling stocks like RIG and GSF have doubled in the past 3 years.”

This reader also suggests that big wars won’t work any more as he shows how even a nuclear attack on even a small country like Iran could lead to global disaster.

“There are many new alliances specifically to constrict the unilateral pre-emptive strike policies announced on the White House web site of the USA . Pre-emptive strikes and actions against ALL countries and entities which are or might become a threat to the economic, military or political pre-eminence of the USA are mentioned. Other nations took that as a threat to their economies and their independence. A book called “Unrestricted Warfare” by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui , ISBN 0-9716807-2-8 should also be read. The book details a plan to conquer the USA and the Western countries by using all means, money, trade, immigration, and mis-direction to gain power without firing a shot. If the USA decides to attack Iran it will have to contend with all nations adjoining Iran , including occupied Iraq have forbidden the USA to use or cross their territory to attack Iran . Pakistan would be forced to support Iran according to both its Parliament and President Musaref. Even Turkey now has an agreement with Iran not to allow the USA to cross or use Turkey to attack Iran . Russia has warned the USA not to attack. China has stated in documents we have seen and in diplomatic dispatches we have had reports of that it will be plunged into chaos by the loss of its energy imported from Iran and would have not less than 250,000,000 new unemployed because of the loss of the imported oil and gas. The Caspian Regional nations just issued a warning to the USA not to attack any of them and promising aid to each other if attacked. For geographically illiterate readers Russia is a Caspian nation also. The US military college has repeatedly tried to play through an attack on Iran but all scenarios are disastrous, long term for the USA . India , has research which shows that millions of civilians would die from the proposed US attacks on Iran because of the radiation released. Millions would die in the Middle East and in Europe as well. Look up the information, even the UK would be expected to lose as many as 10 million if the rise in cancer cases is as predicted. The USA is nearly insolvent and soldiers are forced to remain on active duty before an attack on Iran begins what could easily spread into a world wide disaster.”

Another reader agrees.

“ Gary : Two points. 1. The #1 development of WWII was the quantum leap of American management. Peter Drucker has written about this extensively. It changed the world. 2. The next development in war will be the extension of guerilla warfare. Read Hammes’ book, The Sling and the Stone. Then ask: ‘Where to get out of the crossfire?’”

This reader too a bigger view of war:

“My view is that WW IV is the one we must fight to save the planet from the devastating effects of climate change. If we are to succeed, new technologies must be developed to ensure our collective survival.”

Another reader also took fresh food, air, water, gentle people and pursuing what you enjoy into account when thinking about war.

“I can think of very few things more desirable than your ability to choose where to live with the priority scale you use: fresh food, air, water, gentle people and pursuing what you enjoy. I cannot really understand why you go to the states for six months of the year given the amount of hassle you expose yourself to sell up and send the kids’ tickets to Quito . When you look at the number of troops, bases and countries where the US has military presence, it isn’t too big a leap to consider the possibility of the war already being in progress but kept secret by the compliant media. Certainly there has been continuous conflicts in central/south America for the last 30 years that the US public has not been made aware of. The recent civilian casualties in Iran who are indirectly under us military command also lends strength to the thought.”

Here is another reader who wonders if the next war will be within rather than without:

Here’s an opinion for you Gary,…I have long thought that there will not be an upcoming election in the US …that Bush and Cheney will declare martial law and stay in power. It would take staging another terrorist attack, or some new fear like dirty bombs, …but war with Iran will do the job nicely.”

Yet another reader is sort of pro Bush and blames the British in part for our last war.

“ Gary , Great thoughts. Certainly got me thinking – again! However, on Bush. The ‘Intelligence’ for the war came from the UK – Bush did not drop his pal Blair (who manipulated it) in the mire as he could have done. Bush has made some huge mistakes but who doesn’t at this level? He takes a lot of punishment – yet I think he is one of the few that actually realises what a threat Islam could become – and for that and his resolve I do give him some credit.”

These readers bring some great food for thought here…so let’s thank these readers for their input.

If the 30 year cycles theory that we often review at this site holds true, we should expect some form of extra competition (war struggle or whatever) beginning around 2015. The economic turmoil that historically has led to such competition is scheduled for 2012.

The current economic dip we see now should be followed by one more boom.

Of course the only thing we can be sure of is that these predictions won’t come true. Close? Only maybe. In other words we can never predict the future. What we can know though is that global trade will almost certainly grow and that more disruption of the global currency system is likely.

With this in mind everyone who is a multi currency spender should be a multi currency investor as well.

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