Painting is one of my hobbies. Here is a bit of my play.

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Recently a friend suggested I have an exhibition at the Arts Center here. See why the logic behind my refusal can help make your life better.

This is one of our local trout.

And our front yard French style.

The Everglades and times past.

My old memories of the Pacific Northwest .

And we have Blue Heron in the summer up here on Little Horse Creek.

Plus of course our five horses.

When asked to do an exhibition I declined because this would turn my hobby into work. As it is, I paint with absolutely no pressure. Only a few…those who walk in our houses or cabins will see this…and like it or not. I have no schedule, no expectation except sitting on the front porch and painting away.

This ties into a valuable lesson about turning your passion into profit as well.

In our courses we teach how to use the Seven Ps to develop business. The first is Passion…Person…Problem and fourth a Profitably price product.

Making painting profitable is hard! I’ll stick to this for pure pleasure and do other things that are enjoyable yet more profitable…such as exporting art rather than creating it.

If most artists are doomed to starve…a handful get by and the very few become rich, we can help out by exporting lots of art.

Ecuador has art to export in spades.

There are many antique paintings and reproductions like this.

Art in textiles and jewelry.

Unusual art. One delegate to our import export course has earned many thousands off this style.

So we welcome you to our courses this winter at El Meson de las Flores .

Enter these colonial arches and share with us ways to be better as we turn our passions into profitable products.

Join Merri, me and other like minded souls this winter in Ecuador to learn how to gain freedom and self fulfillment through international investing and business.

See opportunity everywhere in Ecuador .

In wood products.

Jan. 18 – 23 Ecuador Spanish Course

Jan. 24-25 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Jan. 18-23 Spanish Course & RE Tour and Jan. 24-25 2008 Imbabura Real Estate Tour and save up to $349.

In Ecuador ’s pottery.

In statuary.

In adventure.

Mar. 7-9 International Investing and Business Made EZ Ecuador

Mar. 10-11 Imbabura Real Estate tour

In the mountains.

And on the sea.

Mar. 12-14 Coastal Real Estate Tour

Most delegates in March will join us for all three courses as there is a sizable savings.

If you attend all three courses separately the fees are $1,847. Sign up for all three at only $1,499 here. Save $348. Three course savings

Three courses for two separately are $2,597. Two on our three course adventure is only $1,999. Save $598. Three courses savings for two