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Internet exports offer many types of business opportunity.

Recently after one of the courses we conduct on how to create your own export internet business in Ecuador , one delegate photographer, Todd Smith, set up a business selling his photography on post cards, calendars and as desktops around the world.

Todd was an Ecuador Living subscriber and a delegate at our Import Export Course in Ecuador , so we began helping him with his business.

First, we introduced him to our printer in Ecuador . Then our Ecuador Living support team gave him backup to get his business done.

You can see the results in the note that Todd just sent us:

“Hi, Gary and Merri, Thank you for referring Francisco, your printer in Cotacachi, to me. Yesterday, I received my first order of cards from him. The quality of the printing was outstanding. I feel very happy working with him, as I can see that he is very attentive to the details of the printing process.

“It took a number of months to work out the details of shipping and payment. We went with regular Ecuadorian mail, but registered. It arrived in 8 days and was 1/3 of the price of FedEx (the only other carrier I am aware of from Ecuador ).

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the product he delivered. Thanks again for suggesting it. Take care, Todd”

We help our tour delegates learn how to exort via the internet.

We enjoy helping our readers create their own businesses so much that we would like everyone to share our self publishing course…by email or in person…but we know this is not possible and that’s why we have arranged to share a FREE series by Michelle Toole on how to develop your website. Here is edition four in this series.

Choosing Your Site Concept and Developing your Content Blueprint

Michelle Toole

Now we are down to brass tacks. You have picked 3 potential site concepts, researched each one thoroughly and now it’s time for the FINAL DECISION! Which Site Concept are you going to use to build your future web enterprise?

Keep in Mind the two biggest mistakes made by most entrepreneurs are actually opposites of each other…

1) The person who leaps before he looks. If this fits you, Ben Franklin said it best…

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In other words… ignore the preparation work at your peril.

2) The person who researches, then researches some more, then some more. For this person, follow Nike’s advice… Just Do It!

Again, I can’t say it enough. If you don’t have the numbers (research) to back up your site concept, do not build a web site! It is that simple, you have to do the research first before you will be able to set up a viable web business.

Of course if you are on the end of the stick and have done all your research plus and know you have a viable site concept but just can’t commit well like I said above – Just Do It!

OK then, decision time…But first, some advise: Pick the site concept with the most keywords and best overall keyword value, the concept you have the most knowledge and passion about, that has theme “sexiness”, and the site concept with the overall best monetization potential.

Once you have made your decision, now it is time to mold your “Site Concept” into “Content Blueprint.” How?

Well… if you didn’t know this answer by now….yes, by doing more research!

At this point, you have likely committed to purchasing Site Build It or have invested in a keyword search tool. This is where you are going to get your fingers dirty digging deep into your site concept and finding as many high value keywords or key phrases as you possibly can to help you develop your Site Content Blueprint.

If you are using an independent keyword search tool, you can supplement your research by using the public tool Search It by Site Build It (

Search It! has many useful purposes. For example..

• Supplemental brainstorming

• Competitive research

• Domain naming and legalities

• Develop PREselling content ideas

• Add new monetization avenues

Doing additional research, will more fully expose and define your Site Concept. At this point you need to…

• Finish building a superb list of quality keywords related to your concept.

• Know how in-demand they are, and how much competition you face.

• Organize it all into a blueprint for your site’s Content.

In order to build a superb list of quality keywords related to your site concept, each keyword you keep must have at least one of the following assets: Relevance, Knowledge, Excitement/Passion or Profitability. Let’s look at each now…

Relevance: The best way to score with the Search Engines and your human visitors is to focus your site on a single theme and to have each page focus on a topic (a Specific Keyword) related to that theme. Humans prefer to see a tightly focused theme across all pages. So, therefore, do the engines.

A diluted site will rank poorly with your visitors who do not see the quality and depth of information that they are seeking about a particular subject. As a result, your visitors do not consider you as a focused, credible source.

Not all keywords have to be high Demand/low Supply, but they do all have to add something to your visitor’s experience. Developing a high number of relevant keywords provides you with lots of opportunity for Content creation.

Each keyword should “fit” into a 3-TIERed site blueprint of your Content. More on the Site Content Blueprint when we complete the research.

Knowledge: It is important to be able to OVERdeliver solid content. This comes easiest when you have first-hand knowledge about the subject matter. Yes, of course, you can supplement with research… But, even though you can and should research, nothing beats the authentic voice of true experience. The stories you tell, the details you provide — it all adds up to “R-E-A-L.” Keep keywords that you KNOW.

Excitement/Passion: We’ve talked about this enough. If you’re not turned on, it is work instead of fun play. Passion shines on Web sites… without trying!

Profitability: Obviously, keep the high-Profitability keywords. And hold onto high Demand keywords even if they have high Supply (i.e., lower Profitability), too. Why?

You may not win the Search Engine “wars” for these keywords right away, but when you do, they are valuable pages. And visitors will still find them by navigating to your site from pages they do find at the engines.

Low-profitability keywords are also valuable if they fit well with the Site Concept and within the 3- TIER site structure. Why? They usually deliver your first visitors because it is easier to rank highly for them. They have an important “start-the-traffic-snowball” role. And there are many of them, so the traffic adds up.

It does take a lot of research to find a profitable site concept but the keyword in that sentence is “PROFITABLE!” Do the work now and it will pay off in the end.

Now we need to layout our “Content Blueprint.” How are we going to do that? Good Question! Look for next weeks article where I show you how your “Content Blueprint” will emerge from your master list of keywords…plus a lot more in the coming weeks about the last 2 steps on how to plan for success. Michelle

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

Until next message, good global business to you.


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