Inflation Notes

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Inflation is the great tear in the fabric of modern society.

Millions of us in the western world have this problem…inflation.

All currencies are losing purchasing value. This affects us all. If we are near retirement age, inflation can slaughter our pensions and turn the golden color of our last years to rust instead.

The family raising adults have it even worse. Food, clothing shelter…educating the kids. Health insurance…taxes not to mention dealing with the stress of an ever faster, more complicated world.

The really young ones? Who knows what our children and grandchildren face?

That’s the problem and there are only three solutions…invest in labor….invest in natural resources…invest in land. That’s all there is folks…commerce fights inflation. All commerce is the process of integrating services, natural resources and real estate.

Merri and I continually focus on three solutions to this problem. One is to invest in real estate in Smalltown USA and Ecuador . One is multi currency investing. See below a special new year’s way to take advantage of these solutions to inflation.

Smalltown USA and Ecuador make sense because one way people will beat inflation is to move where costs are less now. Two of the least expensive places to live (and where one might want to live)…are in Ecuador and the US countryside.

We will look at each of these solutions and our own small – at home business. Small…yes, in terms of hassle, stress and overheads. Our business is not small in terms of profits that relate to our cost of living. Plus our profits continue to rise with inflation.

To be specific Merri and I have our own at home self publishing internet business…and this is a business that rocks!

The internet and self publishing provide such enormous flexibility that Merri and I can run our tiny business from almost anywhere in the world we choose to be…which is normally at home in our remote Blue Ridge Farm (nearest town 20 minutes away population 193) or in our house high in the Andes in a tiny village of only 6,000 people.

Yet we have buyers all over the world in dozens of countries all because of our ability to self publish.

Here is a note that one long term (about 20 years) reader of our self publishing business that is gratifying to read but also carries an important message.

This reader was a professional copywriter for many years. He lives far from anywhere also…deep in California ’s desert. One day his copyrighting business introduced him to the healing power of colloidal silver. He was enthused and wanted to sell this product…but found he could not…too many rules too many regulations and a medical establishment that did not want simple health solutions available to the public.

This highlights the power of publishing. This reader could not manufacture and sell colloidal silver…but he could self publish information about how to make and use it. No matter how much big business wanted to stop him, it could not interfere with the freedom of the press.

So for years he marketed this wonderful product until I began writing about the power of internet self publishing. From here, I’ll let this reader tell the story himself.

Here is the unsolicited note he sent:

“ Gary ! I really do enjoy getting your emails each morning before I start my day, and when they stop coming, I miss them immediately.

“Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about why I read your emails so frequently, compared to the literally dozens of other email communications I receive from a variety of business and marketing “gurus,” which I mostly skip. If you don’t mind, I’ll take a moment to tell you what I feel sets you apart from the rest of the herd:

“First, your insights into the “small, slow and steady” way of doing business act as a much needed check on my tendency to take on too much work in the course of my business day and wear myself out. Reading your emails the first thing in the mornings always seems to help keep me focused and well-grounded.

“The other “gurus” are always talking about going “big, big, big” and shooting for the moon. And I must admit, there is a part of me that wants to run a business empire. But every time I fall into that trap I pay a hefty price for it, physically, emotionally and financially. I am a walking testament to the business truths you have taught over and over again; I always do best in my business by staying as lean as possible, and staying focused and relaxed by working on what I love the most.

“Secondly, the always friendly and personal nature of your emails are a very welcome respite from the often manipulative and insincere nature of the email communications I am bombarded with from other “gurus.” I love getting emails that feel like they are coming from a good friend who always has an eye out for opportunities I might be interested in. I can’t stand getting emails from people who come on like sideshow con artists and carney barkers.

“Third, your emails always tend to reflect your positive and uplifting spirit, and serve as reminders for me to keep a cheerful and positive outlook at all times, even during the most challenging of business days. I don’t always succeed at this. But it always gives me something to shoot for. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in “As Good as it Gets,” your daily emails make me want to be a better person, both in my business and personal life.

“Finally, my and I usually sit down at the end of each business day and briefly review the events of the day with each other. We mostly discuss anything new we’ve learned, and better ways of getting important tasks accomplished. And as she will tell you, many have been the times that the conversation has started off with the phrase, “Today, Gary Scott said…” I don’t tell you that to flatter you. It’s just the way it is. I don’t always agree with everything you say. But I do learn from everything you say.

“By the way, I really must tell you one more thing that has me really excited. I want you to know about it, because you played a prominent role in helping me get over a huge hurdle that has, as a direct result, increased our company business by well over $100,000 a year.

“As you know, I’m an old direct mail hand from way back. So I focus the vast majority of my attention on marketing my company’s products through direct mail marketing, much as you used to. And over the years Kathy and I have done really well at it. We’ve made a very good living. Our house and property are paid for. We have nice cars. Some decent investments. Plenty of money in the bank. Etc. But as I’ve read more and more of your emails on internet marketing, it has inspired me to dedicate a little bit more time to our main web site, rather than focusing so exclusively on direct mail.

“Our main web site (the one that features our colloidal silver generators and nutritional supplements) was a real mess and only did about $1,200 worth of sales a month. All my focus was on all of the money we were making through our direct mail sales campaigns. But as I read your emails about how you and Merri made the shift from direct mail marketing to internet marketing, the idea of making the web site work better kept nagging at me.

“So earlier this year I attended a few local (and very expensive) seminars on internet marketing, and made some dramatic changes to the web site based upon what I’d learned. After much work (i.e., new photos, new design, new sales copy, new shopping cart, and some experimentation with Yahoo pay-per-click) that took many months worth of hard work and many thousands of dollars more to complete, I managed to triple the income the web site was generating. Big deal. The end result was that we went from $1,200/month to $3,600/month in sales, which was pretty weenie compared to what I had expected.

“I was disappointed. But I kept coming back to your emails which discussed the importance of telling a story, and developing a relationship with your customers. Something in what you were saying rang true. But you know me: I’m a hardcore salesman from the old days, who believes in going straight for the sale. None of this “storytelling” and “relationship” stuff for me. In short, I was very reluctant to change what has always worked so well for me for the past 27 years of my direct mail marketing career.

“To make a long story short, my disappointment in the results from my web site changes forced me to analyze what went wrong. Your words about this being the “era of the story” kept reverberating in my mind. I finally broke down and wrote what I called a “folksy” story about how Kathy and I first found out about colloidal silver, and how we got into the colloidal silver generator business. I took the advice you so often give in your emails on internet marketing, and tried to write our story specifically from the point of view of helping potential customers learn and benefit from our experiences, rather than trying to sell them anything. In fact, I eliminated from the story all efforts at selling any products whatsoever, and just wrote to educate and inform the reader.

“I have to admit, when the story was finished I just couldn’t bring myself to post it to the web site. It was just too far off course from what has always worked for me in the past, in terms of sales and marketing. I’ve always been a hard-core “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” sales writer, as you well know.

“But I kept coming back to your emails on using storytelling to develop an ongoing relationship with your customers. And finally it dawned on me that one of the most delightful things that always keeps me eager to read your emails each day, and visit your web site from time to time, and try your products when they strike my fancy or suit my needs, is the endearing stories you tell about your work, your business history, your personal experiences, and the experiences of the people you have either worked with in the past or have surrounded yourself with in the present.

“So I decided to give it a try. I took our home page – which was a hard-sell, straight-for-the-jugular sales pitch — and made it page number two of the web site, instead. And in its place I put up our “folksy” story as the new home page. Then I held my breath. I really thought web site sales would plummet. After all, making this change meant our entire home page would sell…absolutely nothing. It just told our story. For the life of me, I couldn’t imagine that anyone searching on the internet to buy a colloidal silver generator would want to stop and read our story first.

“Well…it’s now been three months since replacing our “hard-sell” home page with our “folksy story” home page, and here’s the good news: That one simple change has nearly tripled our internet sales. I’m not kidding you, Gary. We are now doing on average $8,000 a month in internet sales alone! In November, we did a whopping $12,163.55 in gross sales through the web site. That’s $145,962.60 in gross product sales, on an annualized basis. Now those are some numbers that really get me excited!

“What’s more, the web site stats show that replacing the former “hard sell” home page with our new “folksy story” home page increased our web site stickiness (i.e., the amount of time people spend on our site) by a factor of ten. People spend far more time on the web site now that our “folksy story” is our home page. And the stats demonstrate that they are actually visiting more of the other pages on our web site than ever before.

“Thanks to you, we have dramatically increased our online sales, with no extra effort other than simply telling our story.

“By the way, in order to keep in touch with our new online customers, we will soon launch a daily email service alerting them to the latest research and information on staying healthy and well with colloidal silver and the various nutritional supplements we carry. We hope we can engender through our emails the same kind of supportive, educational and enlightening atmosphere you’ve been able to engender for your readers, through your daily emails.

“Regards always, Steve Barwick,”

Reading Steve’s note was gratifying to say the least, but it also stressed three important facts about business today.

Point #1: The internet can dramatically boost your income with minimal investment in time cost and expense.

Plus Steve shared here one really smart way to get exposure for your website. Send a positive note to editors of other publications and when you sign it, be sure to put your web site address at the bottom. Smart move Steve! He has a powerful product that anyone who is interested in health beyond the MD should know. Learn more about colloidal silver at

Point #2: Self publishing is a powerful way to use the internet and can be enormously profitable. Steve is adding income at a rate of an extra $12,000 a month. Yet as he incorporates ideas we give him, he may reach sales levels like we have. Our internet sales alone yesterday were $13,240…in one day. Yet we have no full time staff and few overheads as we run this business from a bedroom in our house.

Point #3: A big part of the world has become disgusted with the dishonest hidden agendas of big business. If you have a small business providing a good service that you love giving…and just tell it like it really is…the world will beat a path to your door. Not the whole world perhaps but a world that’s plenty big enough to bring you enormous wealth and self fulfillment.

Until next message, may your world be one of never ending wealth and satisfaction.


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