Ecuador Real Estate Stories

by | Dec 29, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate stories can help us understand this country better. Many readers are now living full or part time in Ecuador . We can learn about this wonderful country from these readers. Here are a few comments they have shared.

“Hi Gary I live in Manta I have been living in Ecuador for ten years. I love it. I have driven all over the country and everything you say is true. I work on a fishing boat that is what brought me to Ecuador .
Great looking at your pictures. Have a great one. Arno ”

“Hello Gary . I hope you get this since I do not know if this is your direct address. I have read and watched your site for awhile along with ILs. My wife and I have just purchased a double condo on the Malecon in Salinas . My intent is to sell and develop property on the oceanfront around Salinas . We are longtime business people and know how to give good service to clients. We have found your observations about Ecuador are spot on. Lovely people and country needing a helping hand and some direction. Americans are used to things that are just so. In Ecuador that is not the case. If they are shown the culture and the benefits and are a little flexible they can have a good life here. My company will be called “Two Degrees South “and we will be refurbishing our unit in Salinas so we can have our clients stay as paying guest while we show them how they can benefit from their dollars in Ecuador. If you are interested I could write of our experiences through the maze from first trip to present. I am not a author or a skilled journalist but I can weave a interesting tale of our successes and failures. Regards Rick”

“Hello Gary , Thank you so much for helping people to learn more about Ecuador . I’m a Web Developer native from Ecuador and I live in Boston . I just want to let you know your information about my country is great and I always look forward to read your emails. The experiences your are sharing with your subscribers is great and I think you are doing an amazing job. I’m interested in buying a vacation/retirement property in Ecuador and next time I go to Ecuador I hope I can meet you and take one of your tours they seem to be very informative. Regards Cristyan”

“ Gary , We have a condo where we live part time south of Esmeraldas. Immediately next door to our condo tower the Sheraton Hotels of Ecuador are leading 4 other major hotels in building a large 4 story series of time shares AND an upscale 16 story hotel. Esmeraldas itself is not great but we do walk around the downtown commercial sector feeling about as safe as we do in Gringoland in Quito . We walk around the 53 hectare development of Puerto Gaviota on the edge of Tonsupa after dark without fear. As you can tell, I am a fan of Ecuador ’s north coast. Bill”

I hope to hear your stories about Ecuador as well.


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