Anticipation is life.

by | Dec 24, 2007 | Archives

One of life’s greatest joys is anticipation. The proof? Christmas Eve as a kid when things are good.

Looking back many years ago to Rockwood , Oregon. The Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs had been read. The tree was up. Gifts were wrapped and stacked shimmering beneath lights that bubbled in the dusk and reflected each a tiny burst of anticipation.and that anticipation had been building.for days!

Now the job was to get unwrapping to talk mom and dad into opening on gifts on Christmas eveno luck and waiting until The Day. Too much breathless anticipation.

One gift only, they would say. Plus they picked not the big one but some little thing maybe socks from Aunt Vi. So off we went to bed filled with anticipation. Talk about early risers!

Sunrise is another anticipation. Here is what I get to see each morning sitting at my desk typing away. I can’t wait and though I ve seen it each day this explosion of color is always a surprise. So each night is filled with anticipation another day a dawn and a cup of coffee plus being able to share with you.coming into your home with hopefully some tiny positive idea. (Thanks by the way for being such a part of my anticipation).

Then in Ecuador we have the anticipation of the church bells and this dawn.

The dawn Christmas what more can I say. One of life’s greatest joys is anticipation

This is why your own self publishing business can be so wonderful. Each morning is filled with anticipation. I grab my French press filled with Ecuadorian organic coffee. Pad to my computer and even before dawn check yesterday’s mail. Then I read the insights shared by you.

Some days I get notes like this.

Gary , Last night when I arrived home from work and was mentally and physically exhausted; stressed by some airline customer issues and moving boxes for our office modernization. After dinner, my plan was to delve into the Publication manual but when I found my eyelids fluttering, I thought my plan was in jeopardy. As I settled into the recliner with the manual having adjusted the light to focus on the material, something amazing occurred as I began to read. A hypnotic trance ensued as I forgot about being tired. The first few pages invoked a new page in my life; what if there were no obstacles or limits what would you do and what makes your heart thump. I have to tell you, the brainstorming was astounding. I began to drop ideas into this bucket that are important to me and finally ran out of room. Picking three was really difficult, so difficult that I added two more topics on separate pages with actions.

Normally head for bed around 9:30 PM since I rise at 4:30 each morning for my typical routine in preparation for the daily grind. Surprise – it was approaching 10:30 PM and I was shocked. Your material mesmerized me to continue reading and time meant absolutely nothing, I was in a time warp. What I’m attempting to explain here is, this manual is so well written that it stimulates your enthusiasm and creativity ten-fold. This hasn’t happened to me in a very long time. Also learned about how you began (in the N.W.) and what it took to succeed. Now we have the opportunity to follow you and Merri’s direction to excel without boundaries…..Thank you. With sincere regards to you and Merri

This is the type of reading for me that is worthy of anticipation which is why there is so much focus at this site to help you have your own self publishing internet business.

Until next message, may all your life be filled with anticipation. Happy Christmas Eve.


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