Cozy Wealth

by | Dec 23, 2007 | Archives

Cozy wealth is better than money can ever be.

Ma and I fill up the bird feeder in our front yard.


The time is noon.  The temperature at 24.7 degree F and falling.  The wind is gusting to fifty and that snow is pelting like flat bullets.  The barometer suggests more snow as well…three inches according to the weatherman, but we always get more here high on the Western ridge.


Mountain storms in the Blue Ridge are a favorite of mine…for awhile. I haul out my trusty shearling and fur hat…tromp around with Ma in the cold until my cheeks are numb, fingers frozen and feet stone cold.


Then we come to our senses, get back in, stoke up the fire and get cozy. The wind now is just a comforting howl.  Amazing how wonderful that is!



So I ask you this. Where would cozy be without storms?


Merri and I hope your holidays are comfortable, warm, comfy, snug, pleasant and welcoming… that your storms always bring you coziness.


Happy holidays…Gary & Merri