Wealth Views – Opposites for Wealth II

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Last August this site shared seven really important ideas about how to be a good investor and one of them was to listen to those who disagree with us…this expands our horizons.

This is the second in a series of notes from readers expressing opposite views.

The wise owl is wise because he sees all views! I shot this one afternoon in our barn!

This is not a new thing for this site but a reader inspired me to share more of this when he sent this note below:

“ Gary , Your revealing of a somewhat negative (naive) response by a reader, unwilling to rationalize a $49 subscription to your service, actually added credibility to you as a person and businessman. Most would not publish negative responses, although you have always pointed out the downsides as well (ie..recent coastal property discourse). I have been a member of your ‘list’ for years now and the amount of selfless giving of “free” information is without comparison and very much appreciated. Thank you.”

Wow that is one of the nicest compliments I have received so here is more of the opposing view.

One reader wrote: “Would you people please have the courtesy to take me off your list. Thank you.”

(Which we immediately did with a very polite note thanking him for having signed up in the first place!) We recognize that we are not for everybody. We have a double opt in system (you have to confirm twice to subscribe) and an option to get off the list is at the bottom of every message we send. This was a free subscription Michael was receiving.

I guess this was not enough because Michael then sent this.

“ Gary , thank you for answering. The reason why I no longer want your emails, and the reason I cancelled my subscription to your monthly publication is due to dishonesty. Your publication does not discuss crime, or the chance for expropriation opportunities of a particular government/regime. Your publication discusses primarily the cost of living in a particular country. Of course, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to live in Equador, when you are in a third world country with extremely high crime and terrible infrastructure. This is why I no longer subscribe. Thank you. Clearwater , Florida .”

Since this reader had read at the most six or seven of about a thousand free messages we have posted about Ecuador which reviews all the things he mentioned I felt a little irritated and replied.

“Thanks Michael. I am sorry you are so misinformed. Actually we have quite a bit of comment on crime and politics at our Ecuador site.

“Plus I’ll walk in our village any night and be safer than in parts of Clearwater . Should the Clearwater city council decide to expropriate your house for a golf course for economic good they can in the US . Not in Ecuador where our land is protected by the constitution.

The more than 2,000 delegates who have joined us over the past decade would disagree as would the readers who have been sharing what we experienced for the past 25 years.

Regards, Gary ”

This really set our friend off. He replied:

“ Gary , if you would check out the U.S. State Department Travel Warnings website, you will soon read that there is literally nothing positive posted regarding Equador; especially Quito .

“Your comparison with Clearwater is laughable. Yes, under certain conditions, a city could declare eminent domain, but, in so doing, the property owner would be paid a fair market price, and this owner would not be forced out of their property with AK-47’s carried by a rogue regime. There is a huge difference. The people who are buying into

your program are gullible.

“A couple years ago I sold an insurance package to a couple then and currently residing in Argentina (one of the countries your publication highly recommends). This couple was highly educated and had property in St. Petersburg , Florida and a residence in Buenos Aires . She is an M.D. and her husband is a practicing attorney in Buenos Aires . The three of us discussed living conditions between the two countries, and expropriation possibilities. I was told that crime is rampant, especially in Buenos Aires . They explained that there had been many dictatorships in Argentina over the years, and that each successor had been more or less provided their dictatorship though military control, and had it taken away by military control. The attorney stated that land ownership is not as ‘solid’ there as in America . Both of them stated the following, ‘You are very fortunate to have been borne an


“Very recently, though, a former dictator’s wife became president through legitimate means, but for how long is anyone’s guess. The whole South American continent has been plagued by military rule/ dictatorships for decades.

“ Gary , let me also mention something else regarding expropriation: In 1989 I took a hunting safari to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia ) with Wally and Helen Herbst. Wally owned the U.S. equivalent of 35,000 acres of farmland. Much of the land was devoted to crops and cattle, and about 1/3 of it was devoted for animal conservation and was used for safari hunting. A man named Robert Mugabe was ‘president’ at this time, and he still is. To make a very long story shorter, Mr. Mugabe chose economic policies that have destroyed the entire economy and infrastructure of Zimbabwe .”

This email went on, much longer than is needed to reproduce here, telling about the great risks of Zimbabwe in the 1990s. So Ecuador , Argentina and all of South America are at risk due to what happened in Zimbabwe in the 1990s? At this stage I politely stopped the thread.

However I do not wish to end there. This exchange above took place while in the “safe” USA just days before nine people were shot in an Omaha shopping center as they went about their shopping. Then the next day two were slain at a missionary home in Colorado . These shootings came right after a series of at school shootings.

I am not saying one cannot be safe in the US . Merri and I live here half the year and we feel very safe…yet we feel safe in Ecuador as well. But I need to point out that Ecuador is the oldest democracy in South America and we have been there 13 + years.

Here is another reader who lives in Clearwater and coincidently wrote on the same subject in the same week.

Gary, You’re right on about the US being the place of greatest risk. In fact it’s even worse. Latest dope I have from people like Lindsay Williams is that the controllers who control the world’s oil have been planning the collapse and take over of the US economy and dollar and resources for the last 30 years and it’s finally coming to a head. Ecuador will be a much better place to have real estate and live.

“Within 1 1/2 years, the artificial oil shortage they are creating will make oil sky high, destroying farmers profitability because they will no longer be able to ship their produce at a profit, there will be big food shortages in US cities, the dollar will collapse and they will introduce their new currency the Amero which supply they will entirely control, the New World Order spoken of by George Bush Sr. back in ’92. Along with this will undoubtedly come ‘emergency controls’ to ‘save the country’ which will simply be their excuse to start a police state. It’s not good. I may be joining you! Bob”

Another reader wrote about our village and Quito :

“Hi Gary , Good points about safety. When Karelia and I were wandering about Quito , what, four years ago now, we bumped into a couple of old ladies and had a really interesting conversation. One of them told us it was dangerous for just two people to go walking around town at night, but in the daytime there would be no problem. I never felt any danger when I was there….but, then, with my naive sense of immortality, I’d go wandering aournd alone in Novosibirsk in Siberia , even after being warned not to.

“I think people attract danger to themselves by their mental attitude and body language. When I’m out alone, I walk as if I were a well-armed, no-nonsense soldier on a mission, who knows how to handle himself (it was the training), and I never have any problems. I even had Russian friends comment on my posture when I was in Latvia . People who just go lollygagging around look weak and invite trouble. I think somebody ought to put a training together to teach people how to pull this off.

“I loved your snide comment about Bush…..LOL!!”

Snide, I hoped to have come across a little more demeaning than that about the President of the United States . I believe he has done more harm to the entire world than anyone can imagine. The job is impossible and requires unbelievable wisdom. Others however have opposite views as this read shows when he wrote today:

“ Gary , I can do without your sound-bite mentality regarding George Bush and the United States . Take me off your mailing list please. I can find another way to buy property in Ecuador and you can continue to try to be a success in the third world.”

Just to correct this reader my comments were not about the United State only about Bush and his administration and related to their ruse regarding weapons of mass destruction and Bush’s claim that Iran ’s nuclear program could lead to WWIII, just days before everyone starts saying that Iran had stopped their nuclear program.

If stating the fact “I feel George Bush is one of the worst US Presidents” costs readers…so be it. This does not stop us from saying what we believe. In fact there is a benefit to this because the key to our business is our courses where readers get together…and we always have a great time…due to the fact that we are like minded souls. Ideas are tossed around here at Little Horse Creek and by the fireside at night in Cotacachi…it always warms our hearts that people who come enjoy each other and their time together!

Yet even the best of friends do not always agree as we’ll see later in this series.

Until then, may all your opposite views be good!


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