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A recent message at this site introduced the Palmazul Spa and a residence development that was gain to start there.

If you missed that message, you can see it at

Here are more shots at the spa. It’s moving along!

A week ago




A week later:

Progress is being made…rapidly.

I recently received a note from the Norwegian developer of this resort. He wrote:

“ Gary , I now have an estimate on the cost for infrastructure for the land..incl. everything from roads, water, electricity, water treatment equipments, green areas, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. This makes it easier to determine the cost of the lots.

“There will be no more than 35 lots and only 50% of the land (flat part) will be occupied for lots. This means that there will be a large amount of green area left for everyone to enjoy. Lots will be approximately 500 sq. meters (5,380 square feet).

“The cost of the lots will be $50 per sq. meter. There is 10.76 square feet in a square meter so this means the cost is $4.64 a square foot or $25,000 for a residential lot. The payment terms will be 20% down payment and 10 monthly payments (free of interest)

“Construction costs of housing will be approximately $700 per sq. meter ($65 per sq. ft.).

“We have four housing options 80 sq. meters, (860 sq. ft.), 120 sq. meters, (1291 sq. ft.), 150 sq. meters (1614 sq. ft.) and 200 sq meters (2,152 sq. ft.).

“Payment terms on construction will be 20% down payment and 18 monthly payments (free of interest).

“As an example; a 80 sq. meter (860 sq. ft.) house will cost $56,000 with $11,200 down payment and 18 payments of $ 2488 each. In addition to lot and construction cost there will be some smaller costs for title, permits and taxes.

“All houses will have ocean view.

“We will also have a rental option for each house where we will help to rent out the house for a small fee during holidays/high season. We offer a $2,000 discount for an advance payment.

“Regards, Kjetil

There you have it, a cozy house with an ocean view for $79,000 total (house and land) plus closing cost and tax.

Or you can buy with $16,200 down, and 4,488 for 10 months, then $2,488 for eight months.

Until next message may you enjoy nothing but good views.


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