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Belize Real Estate offers one asset that Ecuador cannot match.

Merri and I love Ecuador and obviously focus on our experiences on living there. Ecuador has everything…almost.

One thing missing in this beautiful Andean nation are tropical ocean homes. Merri and I enjoyed this for decades in Naples , Florida . That life for us is over for now.

However, we know that for many readers that the desire still exists.

Many years ago (try about 25 years) we took a group to Belize to look for opportunity there. On the tour we stayed at a wonderful rustic, hotel on a tropical coastline called the Adventure Inn built by a Canadian, Bill Wildman.

We have stayed in touch with Bill all these years and watched him develop a truly remarkable project of seafront residences called Consejo Shores in Corozal Town in Belize .

Consejo Shores is in the most northern part of Belize – the heart of the tropics. This is an attractive seafront residential environment, an ideal location for a permanent home or winter residence. Consejo Shores is on Corozal Bay , seven miles north of Corozal Town . It is fifteen miles from the Mexican border by road, or just three miles by boat across Chetumal Bay .

The following is an excerpt from the magazine Belize First: Belize : The Top Ten Places to Live in Belize

by Lan Sluder, who is a Travel Writer for Fodor, etc., Travel Guide Books

“Expats in Belize are now clustered mostly in San Pedro, Placencia, the Belize City suburbs and near Corozal Town . Here are our own picks for the best places to live and buy in Belize .

“#1 – Corozal Town/Consejo

“Most visitors to Belize either never get to Corozal or pass through quickly en route somewhere else. But the Corozal Town area and nearby Consejo offer a lot for those staying awhile – low prices, friendly people, a generally low-crime environment, the beautiful blue water of the bay, and the extra plus of having Mexico next door for cheap shopping. ( Belize First)

“To-day, there are over 70 homes in Consejo Shores, with families enjoying Caribbean Tropical sea front life.. The project has quiet, tree-lined streets that meander through the community. Residents enjoy scenic walks and bicycle paths.

“Seafront parks give easy access to the bay. A sandy bottom and shallow water near the shore make it ideal and safe, for children. Bill has also recently opened a 9-hole golf course for residents and guests.”

Bill recently visited us in Ecuador and shared his adventures with us. He lives on a wonderful part of the coast. The area has really great fishing. Barracuda, crevalle, tarpon and permit are just a few of the fish that can be caught right from shore. There are also wonderful water sports, kayaking through the many tiny coves along the shoreline…wind- surfing and sailing.

Sight seeing is neverending and there is also bird watching of colorful tropical birds, as and gardening… orchids, all the tropical fruits…so much grows so easily and fast. Finally, there is the famous hammock and quiet tropical moments. The project has a library with over 1,500 books.

You can see the entire project at the or contact Bill Wildman by E-mail:

Of course we’ll miss you in Ecuador …but if a tropical Caribbean beach home is your desire you may want to check out Consejo Shores .

As with all the Ecuadorian real estate we wrote about, we are in no way financially involved and have sent this entirely as a service to our readers. Since Bill and his delightful son, were just with us in November in Cotacachi and I got up to date on his project then!

Until next message, I hope that wherever your homes may be that they bring pleasure and joy to you.


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