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Self publishing proof here shows how self publishing can make life so much better in so many ways. A recent message at this site pointed out how self publishing can put you in touch with so many like minded souls.

Last Friday’s message reviewed Mark McMahon’s book Driving to the Ends of the World

One reader who happens to head up one of the most successful global investment management teams in the world wrote:

Hi Gary , I read your article about Mark and his new book “˜Driving to the End of the world. The book sounds terrific do you think he will send a copy or if not could I ask you to buy me a copy? Perhaps I could even get Mark to sign the book. We could of course also contemplate buying a copy for all our new employees as it is about following your dreams!

I replied:

I have a signed copy sitting on my desk. I’ll drop it in the mail today.

The investment manager wrote back:

WOW quick response I forgot you are such an early riser. I did try Amazon but it is out of stock. Imagine you have taught a bestseller writer!

I replied:

Yes and imagine that I am also friends with the best performing multi currency portfolio managers in the world! This self publishing business puts you in touch with some pretty interesting people. Gary

There you have it proof of how self publishing brings you the most interesting people. What is so fun is then mixing them together link this top performing portfolio manager and best selling writer.

We will be helped by another student of our courses who has succeeded, Michelle Toole . She has become an internet self publishing expert by developing her own site through SBI.

To help readers learn more about internet self publishing, we have been sharing a series of lesson provided by Michelle. Here is her third contribution to this series.

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Beginning the Research

By Michelle Toole

Now at this point you should have your 3 site concepts and should be ready to get down to business. This is where the real research begins……

The first thing you need to do is evaluate the following key factors for each Site Concept:

Number of Keywords




Theme “Sexiness”

Monetization Potential

So how do these key factors affect your web site”™s content, success and profitability?

Number of Keywords

A site Concept that delivers more keywords is better. It offers the ability to create more content. More details are below with further explanations.)

Overall Profitability

The more keywords that have higher Demand, lower Supply and higher Profitability (Value Demand/Real Supply ratio), the better. Again, this is not an absolute, just an indication. Use your judgment.

Compare the overall Profitability of one Site Concept to another. How many solidly profitable keywords does each have? (Remember… the Profitability numbers are useful, but use your judgment to make the final decisions.)

Think about each keyword as the topic for a future Web page (that is what it will become). Do you already know what you could write for those words? Obviously, lean towards the Site Concept that you know the best.

Just as important… which Site Concept excites you the most? You should choose a less profitable Site Concept if the thought of building a site about it excites you much more! It will be fun to create interesting Web pages about the subject area and to do the necessary research to stay current. It’s not work if it’s fun.

Theme “Sexiness”
It’s not just your excitement that counts. Some Site Concepts are more apt to excite visitors. Trust your gut feeling about which would excite visitors the most. It’s easier to PREsell your way to a strong “Brand Of One” with a fun, exciting theme.

Monetization Potential
Look for a Site Concept that offers the potential for you to build multiple streams of income. Your website would be useless if there is no Monetization potential!

Remember, you must be able to Monetize your traffic. And the more ways to do that, the merrier.

How many of the following could you (eventually) implement on each Site Concept, and with what kind of financial potential?…

-Represent the products/services of related, non-competing online businesses (i.e., affiliate income).

-Partner with an offline business, sending them customers, on a pay-per-click, per-lead, per-sale, or per-month basis

-Sell your hard good or e-book.

-Earn income by placing advertising on your site, such as Google AdSense, or by selling advertising directly. (Guess what? As your site grows, advertisers will approach you!)

-Sell your services

-Supplement/build your local offline business.

-Attract more bidders for your eBay auctions.

-Rent — anything from heavy equipment to a condo in Ecuador !

-Traffic — send traffic to your own e-commerce business (ex., your Yahoo! store or e-commerce site).

And these are just but a few ideas to get the juices flowing. There are a million ways to Monetize your site. Be as creative as possible and think “œJoint Ventures.

At this point, you are probably asking how and where you should go to research keywords and profitability for your site concepts. Good Question!

Simply put, to do the proper research and complete steps #1 and #2 you are going to need the proper tools to get the job done. You will need to either invest in a keyword search tool that gives you real supply/real demand and the overall value for keywords (wordtracker) or consider purchasing an entire tool kit, such as Site Build It ( Regardless of which way you go, it is essential that you do the research now to make sure you have a viable site concept.

You can do some preliminary research by following this link, The link will take you to a tool called Search It, this is the public version of one of the many tools available on Site Build It. You can use this tool for free to assist you in finding out the demand of keywords for your site concept and for additional brainstorming.

There are two tools you will need to use in Search It the first one is U.S. Yahoo Keyword selector tool and the second is Wordtracker Free Keyword suggestion tool each one will provide you with the Demand for your keywords. You can find each of these tools by first selecting “œBrainstorming then followed by selecting either the Yahoo keyword tool or the Wordtracker tool. In the third box key in the keyword or keyword phrase that you are thinking of using as your site concept For example for my site, I keyed in “œHealthy Living. Do this for each of your site concepts.

Even without having the complete tools you need to research each of your site concepts you should be able to complete step #3 Knowledge, #4 Passion, #5 Theme Sexiness and #6 Monetization Potential..

If you are serious about building a successful internet business, you now will need to consider investing in your goal by making sure you have the right tools for success.  Remember Guiding Principle #2 PLAN to SUCCEED.Â

If you do not have the right tools to do the research now, if you pick the wrong concept for your site, if you develop the wrong topics for your Web pages… you’ll get the wrong results and no traffic. No traffic = No income.

Next week we will pick a site concept and create your “œContent Blueprint plus a lot more in the coming weeks about the last 2 steps on how to plan for success. Michelle Toole

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Until next message, may all your life be filled with friends and success.


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