Ecuador Real Estate Fixer Upper – Special Deals

by | Dec 12, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate offers wonderful value but can at times require some risk and effort as well. Merri and I do not take real estate commissions. Our income is derived from our readers subscriptions and the fees we charge for our courses and tours.

This means our readers always understand that our loyalties are with them.

However once in awhile we find a special deal where we can blend a bit of our capital with our knowing what our readers want and need. Then we get involved.

For example three years ago we stumbled across a builder who had half finished a condo building but was out of money. The shell sat for a year before we found it. We agreed to put up a substantial six figure investment to finish the condos and we sold them on…keeping on unit for ourselves.

Here is the condo. Our involvement made it possible for our readers to enjoy owning them for $39,000 to $49,000 each.

These are small one time deals and we have found another.

Now we are doing this again. Here is the building.

Its getting a new sidewalk here.

This is directly across from El Meson. That’s the hotel’s balcony in the upper left corner of this shot.

It does not look like much now. Four floors about 1,000 square feet each. This is the first floor.

Second floor

Third floor

4th floor and views from 4th floor.

We know that most readers will prefer a finished unit rather than fixer upper so we’ll buy it and fix it up!