Ecuador Coastal Property in your front yard

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How is this Ecuador Coastal property for a front yard?

Would you like this type of view from your real estate on Ecuador Coast ?

Would a one minute amble to the Ecuador sea, if this were your local Ecuadorian restaurant, do good for your heart…and soul?

Is this close enough to the Ecuadorian beach? Remember that tides and high waves diminish as they grow closer to the equator and this beach is on the equator…in Ecuador . There are no hurricanes on the equator and much less worry about coastal erosion.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’ll want to attend one of our 2008 Ecuador Coastal real estate tours. All of these properties are at San Clemente , the focal point of our next Ecuador Coastal Property Tour.

Merri and I have scoured Ecuador for 13 years and have driven its coast, top to bottom, again and again. We finally settled in the high Andes …but have not forgotten the beautiful Pacific.

I am going to invite you to share this with me but before we look at what we’ll see on the tour, let’s look at some basic truths about Ecuador ’s Pacific coast.

You may have read that you can buy a beach front lot for $5,000….or a beach house for $25,000. Perhaps you can…but…be sure you check it out before you look. Prices have risen since we first started taking groups to the coast over a decade ago and … there are risks. On our tours we check properties… in advance to make sure you don’t end up spending a whole day to end up viewing something like this.

More on the tour in a moment…first some geography….and three more warnings.

There are four Provinces on the coast, Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas and El Oro. Three main cities are Esmeraldas in the north. Manta (Manabi) in the middle and Salinas Guayas) much further south on the coast.

Development radiates from each of these towns. There is much less developed property between each.

There is enormous growth potential in each of these areas…but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, the three warnings, first.

Warning #1: Health

We rarely go south of Salinas into South Guayas or El Oro Province. The beach gives way to mangrove…conditions are more primitive and there are health concerns. For example one authoritative medical website wrote:

“5 persons have died so far in 2006 because of meningitis and hemorrhagic dengue, conditions that are affecting coastal areas in Ecuador , Dr. Ivan Zambrano, Ecuadorian Minister of Health, announced on Thursday, 09.02.2006. He pointed out that the main epidemics caused by the intense rainy season are classic dengue fever (561 confirmed cases) and hemorrhagic dengue fever (23 confirmed cases, including 3 deaths). He indicated that coastal provinces mostly affected by dengue fever are Guayas (310 cases) and El Oro (Peruvian Border, 118 cases). Dr. Zambrano stated that the sanitary situation in Ecuadorian coast is ‘worrisome’ because of the effects of heavy rainfalls.”

If you plan to go south on the coast, see a MD and get your vaccinations. Merri and I do not take shots so we generally avoid this part of the coast. Plus the water is not so good on Ecuador ’s coast. Unlike our high Andes hotel, El Meson de las Flores, where we drink water from the tap, we drink only bottled water…anywhere on Ecuador ’s coast.

Warning #2: The Shakes

There are also…like in California , earthquakes. The Andes and this region is a new geological location (in geological terms) so this area is more prone to the shakes than for example our home in our other home North Carolina’s Blue Ridge which is a very old, very settled geological formation. The equator is delightfully free of hurricanes and typhoons…but I guess anywhere there is a huge body of new mountains and large amounts of ocean there is some risk of natural disaster. Earthquakes are this regions nemesis…and yes, there is earthquake insurance.

Warning #3: Colombian Guerillas

Plus we avoid Esmeraldas…too close to the Colombian border. When you are in doubt about an area, a simple rule of thumb is …”follow the missionaries”. They are a fearless lot, going places where most people won’t. If missionaries won’t go somewhere you probably should not either. The Latin America Missionary web site recently wrote about Esmeraldas:

“Miami (LAMNS)—New reported threats against Americans in Colombia are once again causing U.S. missionaries to be careful about their movements. Along Ecuador ’s coast near the city of Esmeraldas , Batchelor reported that missionaries have had to take caution.”

There you have it…three warnings. There you have it…three warnings. This may seem a strange way to invite you on a tour, but having taken many hundreds of people there…all I might add without a single mishap…I know that some people should not come to Ecuador’s coast. I hope I have weeded the more particular who only like their sand and surf, mopped, groomed, with casinos, shopping centers and lots of entertainment. If you love immaculate, sterile, cold, paved, polished, flashy or high rise…do not come on this tour! Stop reading here.

This may seem strange because you may have heard before from those who sell land on the coast. They may forget to mention these warnings because they want you to buy land on the coast. Selling that land is their job.

Frankly…I do not care if you buy Ecuador coastal property or not. We are publishers and we sell information, contacts and tours. Our obligation is to you our reader and we never take commissions or any reward for the sale of land. In fact one time a developer in this area gave us a fully serviced lot with incredible ocean views. He appreciated that 16 of our tour delegates had purchased lots from him. We were polite but we refused to accept the gift.

We are looking after you our reader not property sellers! In fact we will encourage you not to buy real estate on your first trip…though I have to admit we are often ignored.

Having said this…for the adventurers and even slight adventurers, if you would like to see several hundred miles of coastline that is empty, wild, wonderful, alive, beautiful paint peeled and a bit rough around the edges…then read on!

You will love this tour! We have a stretch from 30 or 40 miles north of manta all the way south to Salinas …several hundred miles of coast line with almost unlimited beauty and opportunity. There is no more safe and efficient way to see as much real estate on a whirlwind trip than with our tour.

We will fly from Quito to Manta but will not stay there in this port city long. We’ll immediately head north to San Clemente where our friend of a decade Kjetil Haugan is developing a small, luxury spa and residential development.

Kjetil is a Norwegian who moved to Ecuador after being the administrator of Atlanta ’s Olympic Village. He has become a prominent businessman, owning the largest Spanish school in the country along with several Galapagos cruise ships.

We have done business with Kjetil many times and always been pleased.

Here is a shot of how the spa construction looked a month ago. Chances are this spa is nearly completed now.

Here are some closer shots as we walk round of the construction.

The back.

The inside.

The top.

And bottom…the pool.

The entrance sign.

A view from the spa to the beach

We’ll look at land next door to the spa where Kjetil is developing into 20 lots. The owners of the houses here will enjoy the spa as their community center…all the spa facilities will be available to home owners. Nice…living in a spa on a beach, Palmazul.

Here is the land taken from the spa construction.

Here is a shot taken from the top of the land. Imagine this view!

Then we’ll head south looking at projects, condos, houses and lots for sale along the way.

We’ll go as far south as this beach.

Depending on how many properties we try to cram in, we may make it…perhaps for lunch to this wonderful eco resort Alandaluz…which also has a residential community nearby.

We may even get as far south as a charming resort called Atamari. Here is a view from one of Atamari’s rooms.

What specific properties will we see? I do not know. We research the tour just before we start, inspecting land and buildings that are for sale at that moment so we can maximize the efficiency of your trip. Our goal will be to find a cross section of property…land like this lot we saw on a previous tour.

Houses like this….on, just off and near the beach.

And condos like this one currently listed in Manta for $35,000.

This project may be interesting because like Kjetil’s project financing is available. The current listing on these condos says that there is a 7% mortgage 15 years with down payment of $3950.00. However we have learned that there is often a stretch…perhaps some fine print… between the listing and the reality so this will have been reviewed in advance.

In the end what you enjoy are three days of travel with like minded souls led by experienced travelers and real estate buyers (Merri, me and/or Steve), who know the area…who can provide you with all the important reliable contacts you need…attorneys…property inspectors…architects and brokers who can work with you…in English.

I cannot guarantee you will find a property you will love. Even if you do, I’ll probably try to talk you out of rushing in. What I can guarantee is a savings of time…trouble and many miles and many properties to see on wonderful surf and sand.

We are limiting this tour to one bus so currently we will only guarantee a reservation on this tour for those who also attend our March 7-9 International Business and Investing Made EZ course with Jyske Bank and our Imbabura real estate tour as well. The tour fee for all three courses and tours is $1,499 – $1,999.

$1,499 Reserve here

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If you wish to only attend the coastal tour and would like to be placed on a waiting list in case we open this to those who do not attend the other tours please reserve below. We will not charge your credit card unless your reservation is accepted.

To place one person on the waiting list go to Coastal Tour Reservation If your reservation is accepted the course fee will be $599.

To place two on the waiting list go to Coastal Tour for Two If your reservation is accepted the course fee for two will be $899.

The tour fee includes the courses and all internal travel including round trip air fare from Quito to Manta.

The tour fee does not include accommodations food or air fare to and from Ecuador .