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Ecuador Health tips include good nutrition as a cornerstone of good health. Ecuador ’s native health regime is based around good nutrition as well.

This is why we started quinoa café where are food is steeped in the ancient Andean traditions of a balance between carbohydrates, protein and fat.

This works the Ecuador people always are so bright and full of energy…the children so happy and healthy…eager and innocent. Here is a group at a street dance near our hotel El Meson.

There is no time when we are more tempted to abandon good nutritional sense than now…during the holidays! All the year’s effort to trim the waistline may gallop away via Christmas and holiday foods.

Advice on what not to do isn’t all that helpful either. Sure we know we should avoid rich creamy food and overeating.

Here are tips we practice at Quinoa Café that can help enjoy the holidays and stay healthier.

The first tip is especially for holiday travelers is eat good, dark chocolate when you travel or as a snack during the holidays. Long distance travel by car or plane, or any long period of sitting can be dangerous because this encourages blood clots.

Our major health care giver Dr. Joe Spano MD shares a great way to reduce this risk for your holiday travels when he wrote: Gary I thought you might be interested in this article on chocolate; I am developing the product to prevent DVT blood clots but travelers can also eat some dark chocolate as well. Regards, Joe”

The article begins: People who couldn’t stomach a medical study requiring them to give up chocolate ended up helping science, anyway. These chocoholics’ blood platelets displayed a reduced tendency to clot together in dangerous clumps, researchers found. Billed as the “first biochemical analysis” on the subject, the finding may explain why chocolate can be good for the heart. “Chocolate that’s flavonoid-rich, that’s dark, that’s good quality, that’s not traveling with all of its bad friends like sugar and fat, probably has some fairly potent pro-health benefits, although not as strong as aspirin.”

The next tasty health tip comes from our son-in-law who sent me a link to a BBC article that kefir is a fermented milk drink made from live bacteria cultures and is credited with having health benefits in parts of Eastern Europe. Research published by the Society of Chemical Industry reports kefir contains bacteria which could help reduce allergic responses. There are also suggestions that kefir helps the immune system, such as in this article that says: Creamy and cool, cultured dairy products, such as yogurt, kefir and buttermilk, contain probiotics. Also known as “friendly bacteria,” probiotics support the intestinal tract and the immune system. Maintain the overall health of your immune system and enjoy a cup of fruit yogurt, savor a tangy raspberry kefir or stir buttermilk into roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Merri and I have used Kefir for years and regularly use Lifeway natural and blueberry kefir. It’s rich, it’s creamy and it’s good. Numerous messages at this site have looked at the opportunity of investing in Lifeway, one of the largest producers of kefir.

The subject of cream brings me to egg nog, something the food manufacturers learned long ago how to make my horse run wild. Over the years I have learned that few things can make me as sick or throw me off balance as fast. It is a true curse for me and we do not allow it in the house but I still yearn during the season. I solve this craving by

avoiding all egg nog that’s sold in the stores!

I use a great replacement “Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice 100% natural herbal tea”.

According to the label on the box “Bengal Spice has a sweet creamy taste that adds a sumptuous quality to this melody of herbs and spices”. The ingredients include cinnamon, chicory, carob, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg. I make tea from dipping the tea bag in boiled milk. Plus I add a batch of star anise purchased in the Cotacachi market. A huge bag of Star Anise there costs 25 cents. Here is the outdoor portion of the local food market.

The indoor portion.

Here is the spice girl’s wares at the market. We buy all our spices here, much fresher and at a fraction the US cost and bring them back when we return to North Carolina .

Drink this healthy drink hot or cold. It’s an excellent replacement for egg nog, giving a holiday feel, satisfying the desire for rich and sweet but without all the bad side effects.

These tasty but healthy alternatives make it much easier to keep weight under control without giving up the great holiday tastes.


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