The Secret Self Publishing to the Ends of the World

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The secret of success in self publishing is blending skill, hard work and the attractor factor. Yesterday’s message looked at how this will be enhanced when you surround yourself with like minded souls and told my stories of working with Doug Casey, Brian Tracy, Bo Smith….and Mark McMahon.

Mark McMahon is a true adventurer who attended one of our self publishing workshops. He wrote:

“MY HEAD IS STILL SPINNING from all of the valuable input I received. Out in the boonies, three hours from the airport in Charlotte , North Carolina it was not your typical setting for a business seminar.

“It was presented by a fascinating guy with an interesting career history. Gary Scott and his wife Merri split their time between their idyllic farm in North Carolina and their property in the mountains of Ecuador . I first heard about Gary through my interest in Ecuador .

“By his own admission, Gary is often ‘a bit ahead of the curve’ which is part of what makes his material interesting. You sense the authenticity of what he is saying but it has not caught on in the mainstream media or pop-culture.

“The input is that is already affecting my life was not just from the instructor, but from other participants. The small group, less than twenty, seemed to be intimately bonded as soon as the seminar started. People from all walks of life and all parts of the country gained insights from the information that was geared to create a ‘life’ of your choosing more so than just a successful business. A very simple but powerful concept. Why do we want the money in the first place?

“The lifestyle aspect of the course was taught by example. We, as a group, were temporarily inserted directly into the lifestyle led by Gary and Merri. No better way to learn than by doing.

“The course content suited my needs very nicely. It addressed issues pertinent to FilmTrips and my marketing company, MJ New life has been injected into several FilmTrips projects that had been languishing on a back burner for quite some time. Gary talks about being open to ‘connect the dots’ and take advantage of distortions or discrepancies between economies and countries. I am in a very good position to do that. Telephone and Internet technology has certainly arrived to help make it happen. I will keep you posted!”

Mark has gone on to use what he learned really well. Merri and I could not be prouder of what Mark has accomplished. He is a popular speaker…and is speaking at in International Living seminar in Panama as I finish this note to you.

Mark is also currently launching his self published book, “Driving to the End of the World” and even this early in his writing career, he is being compared to celebrated writers such as Paul Theroux and Jimmy Buffet. “Praise for the book, even before publication, has been astounding” said Mark Victor Hanson, co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series”.

Mark traveled to 70 countries to write and self publish his book, “Driving to the End of the World.

I have it sitting on my desk and may I describe it on one word here…WOW!

If a tenth of Mark’s skills came from my course, I feel very humbled because he writes so well.

The book begins with this…”I’m gonna die! That realization poured into me like rainfall into a reservoir. Something inside me clicked, and the dam burst. That was the beginning of everything. I knew I had to do something about MY LIFE! I wasn’t having any fun. I needed a sabbatical. I needed to recharge my batteries and re-focus.”

Anyone who has ever had these thoughts needs to read mark’s book. Its $14.50 plus $4.50 shipping in the US ($10 shipping outside the US and Continental 48 States) You can order this book at

Mark has a special going on at this time so if you order now you get a bundle…and I do mean bundle of other stuff as well. When you purchase DRIVING TO THE END OF THE WORLD, Mark will send you these FREE bonuses right now:

First he’ll send you a report titled “How I Built my Wealth” by Michael Masterson of

Michael has been a friend for about 2-0 years and I have watched him build his publishing empire into a $300 million a year for so this report is really important!

Michael is a very successful multi-millionaire and entrepreneur, and the author of the New York Times best-selling book “Automatic Wealth For Grads”.

He’s developed some very powerful ways to help you to set and achieve your business, financial, and personal goals and accomplish *everything* you’ve always dreamed of. He has helped hundreds of people set and achieve their goals of earning WAY more money and leading much fuller lives so getting this report is a big bonus.

Order Mark’s book and you also get FREE CD “Secrets of Master Money Makers.” Raymond Aaron Interviews Robert Kiyosaki, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, along with Three Other Master Money-Makers: John Assaraf (Star of the Secret), Vena Jones-Cox (The Inside Track to Real Estate), and Bill Bishop (“How to Sell a Lobster”).

James Arthur Ray is a Thought Leader who’s transforming the way the world thinks. James has devoted over two decades to studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who create true wealth in every area of their life. He’s been featured on the groundbreaking movie “The Secret” and twice each on CNN’s Larry King Live, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

But Mark is not done. He’ll also send you Mike Litman’s #1 Best-Selling Book, “Conversations with Millionaires” which reviews the secrets of Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Robert Allen and many others.

There is even more that Mark is currently sending when you order his book…but due to space that’s enough here. I’ll leave the rest of the bonuses as pleasant surprise.

“Driving to the Ends of the World tells a rootin’ tootin’ adventure that all of us have probably wished to make at least one time or the other and we probably should. Read Mark’s book and you still might still take that adventure! Even if not, the vicarious hit you’ll get makes “Driving to the End of the Worlda great read.

You can order mark’s book and gain the three bonuses above plus the surprise bonuses at

Merri and I are immensely pleased to see one of the graduates from our self publishing course do so well. We hope he sells tons of books and hope we can help you do the same some time.

Learn how to learn from my online Self Publishing course. Details are at

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Until next message may all your life drive you to wonderful adventures.


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