The Secret For Everlasting Wealth, Freedom and Fun

by | Dec 5, 2007 | Archives

The secret is to use best selling book reports as a window to the nation’s economic soul.

We have been looking at seven secrets to use in your own business for everlasting wealth, freedom and fun.

The sixth secret of everlasting wealth by combining copywriting with self publishing is to stay tuned to the national psyche.

The best way to start self publishing is to look at your wants, needs and desires. You represent a market. You can use your emotions as a key to unlock markets…however never quite exactly. Once you know what you want and like you need to fine tune your understanding of the market with another method of detective work that helps you put a spotlight on the public’s buying mood.

Follow your passions yes…but also stay tuned with what the majority of buyers want. You desires may be the bulls eye, but the entire target is the market.

Plus the target is always moving so you should keep testing the winds of change. If the mood of your market changes and you do not keep up, your product or marketing can become out of style.

Fortunately there is a really simple way to stay tuned to this national psyche.

A friend inadvertently taught me this trick years ago when he recommended a book entitled “How to Survive the Upcoming Crash of 1995”. That book was on the NY Times best seller list and it sacred me to death as it told about how the U.S. economy would melt down in 1995 because U.S. government debt was out of control.

The book offered no solution to this dilemma.

I wrote a marketing piece with a headline “Are we 23 Months to Disaster” that mentioned the book, outlined this problem and gave readers a way to find solutions by ordering a course on international investing.

Over the next two years this marketing piece worked unbelievably well creating millions in sales and profits.

Yet the data in book was totally wrong! There was no bankruptcy of the US economy in 1995. Instead the greatest economic boom in the history of mankind began.

This taught a valuable and simple lesson on how to see the buying public as a whole…perhaps understanding the public persona better than the public understands itself. The trick is simply look at the best selling book lists…especially those of large newspapers.

The profits and sales from my 23 Months to Disaster piece did not because the product or marketing were in tune with economic markets. The disaster marketing piece was a success because it was tuned to how investors felt! In addition the piece was fortified because it related to a book that millions of investors had read.

That book had scared millions of investors and create a problem for them, just as it had me. My disaster marketing piece came along at just the right time…with a solution!

We can get clues about business trends by watching what everyone reads.

Best selling book lists are windows into a nation’s soul.

Here is a current example. Two very successful authors offer clues about the mood of today’s customers.

J. K Rowling had three Harry Potter books on the best selling lists at one time. No author had every accomplished this before! Then Dan Brown did the same thing starting with the Da Vinci Code.

What special element unites the Rowling and Brown books? Harry Potter is about magic.

The Da Vinci Code is about hidden codes that lead to the Holy Grail. The common link? Secrets! Both authors write about mysterious, hidden secrets.

The success of these books can help us understand that people seek magical secrets? The public feel deceived. The average person feels that life has become too complex with too much pressure…not enough satisfaction and fun. Yet this same overstressed underpaid public see a few people getting richer…and having great lifestyles. This leads the majority to believe in hidden secrets to a better life. They want to know these secrets!

Like pursuing your passion, observing the top book sellers is simple and almost free! Yet these two easy steps can help you combine copywriting with self publishing for more profit and success.


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