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Self Publishing special moments of thanks come in many ways and at the most unusual times.

Take for example this shot that one of our delegates (Don Wilson..hey this is a really great shot Don-thanks) took at our last self publishers course.

Merri and I are really thankful for the material benefits our self publishing business has brought us. We are thankful for our health and active independent family…their good health and expanded horizons.

We give extra thanks for all the kind comments you send us and the joys we gain again and again when we see our sharing somehow makes your lives better even if it’s in the smallest way.

Merri and I are especially thankful for each other and the way our self publishing business has let us not only be husband and wife but friends and business partners each helping the other to enjoy 200% of life.

Here we are headed to conduct the course…and I think this says it all.

This is another reason why we are creating three strategic alliances next year to help our delegates enjoy the freedom of a global internet business like ours. See

To continue our sharing on how to have your own internet business, here is the second lesson from Michelle Toole

Michelle developed her internet only business after accepting our earlier invitation to attend one of our workshops last year. Now she is providing an internet support system that helps readers who take our self publishing workshop.

To read Michelle’s first lesson go to

Until next message, Thanks again…may all your thoughts be thankful.


Learn how to join Merri and me at the AWAI Self Publishers workshop we will conduct. See

Or enroll in our Self Publishing Correspondence Course at

Here is that second important step:


You know you want to build a website, but are you sure what type of web site YOU should build? And, do you actually know what will be PROFITABLE to YOU and, most importantly, how to get started?

First rule of thumb when building a web site is to develop a Business Plan. This is nothing new; it is what you would do if you were starting a business off-line. Building a Business Plan is essential, because if you don’t, you could be lost before you know it.

Many people fail in business because they don’t plan adequately. If you pick the wrong concept for your site, if you develop the wrong topics for your Web pages… you’ll get the wrong results and no traffic. No traffic = No income.

So then, let’s start with what steps you need to take to develop a Business Plan…

Guiding Principle PLAN to SUCCEED. You will accomplish this by following these steps:

#1: Find a niche (Site Concept) that you know and love.

#2: Layout the “Content blueprint” for your site.

#3: Identify profitable topics within that niche.

#4: Evaluate your Site Concept (Profitability, Knowledge, Passion, Theme “Sexiness”, Monetization (Potential)

Each of these steps is crucial in building a successful on-line business. This is where the real work begins. So, let’s expand on each one of these steps:

#1: Finding your Niche/Site Concept.

a) What is a Niche/Site Concept?

Your site-concept or niche is the central theme upon which you will base all of your site’s content matter. Every page that you write will be about a topic, a subject matter that is directly related to your Site Concept.

And, each one of those topical pages focuses on a Specific Keyword, which is why we also call these pages “Keyword-Focused Content Pages” (KFCPs – I will review KFCP in a later article)

b) How do you Recognize Your Best Site Concept?

A great Site Concept must address the following…

Must be in demand. A reasonable number of people must be searching for information about your theme (i.e. there must be enough “Value Demand”). If your theme is too narrow (ex., an unknown off-island-off-an-off-island in the Caribbean ), there is not enough demand for you to MONETIZE, even if your entire (too tiny) market finds you!

Must not be too broad. If your Site Concept is too broad, the competition will be severe. The number of competing Web pages (the “Real Supply”) is just too great, especially since broad themes usually have major competitors.

For example, it is impossible to “own” the theme of “travel.” Leave those super-Road themes to companies like Even the Site Concept of “ Caribbean ” is highly competitive. If you have 60 hours per week and are ready to work for a year, you might succeed. But creating a site about one of the islands is your best opportunity.

You most likely know a lot about one island. And that goes for “islands of knowledge,” not just geographic islands!

The competition will be less intense. So it will be easier for your well-written content pages to rank highly with the free Search Engines.

Those who find you will be highly targeted. They will be much more interested in your Content. It is far easier to PREsell those searching for topics (“keywords”) related to narrow themes (but not too narrow!) than broad ones.

Must excite you. Choose something that you know and love (or that you are willing to find out more about). If you do that, writing lots of information-packed content pages becomes an easy pleasure instead of work. Think “PASSION” and “KNOWLEDGE” — if you have it, it will shine in your Content.

Must deliver high ROI potential. It must offer excellent options for monetizing traffic to your site. This ensures the ROI (Return on Investment) you want. Make every visitor to your site a possible income-generator.

c) What is the bottom line on choosing your Site Concept?

It takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So invest the time now, get the Site Concept right, and you will maximize your returns later, earning far more income per hour invested down the road.

How do you come up with your Site Concept? Look for next week’s article that will review some excellent brainstorming techniques to help you get started….Plus a lot more in the coming weeks about the last 3 steps on how to plan for success.

The information, concepts and tools that I am sharing with you are taken directly from Site Build It!, created by Ken Envoy. This is the system that I used to build my successful web business and the only one that I would recommend you use to build your Internet business.

Site Build It! “SBI!” is Web hosting that works. It is the only, all-in-one, site-brainstorming-and-building-and-hosting-and-marketing, step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable business that I have ever found.

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

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