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Blue chip portfolios make sense now.

Our 2006 Asian Emerging portfolio rose a remarkable 114%. The 2007 Emerging Market Portfolio was up even more + 122.62% and the Green portfolio an amazing 266.30%. This is because these portfolios consisted of good value shares invested in really strong trends.

Yet in both years, the portfolios also suffered dramatically (short term) due to market panic. In one case, the Green Portfolio dropped over 100% in a month! Investors who jumped in at the wrong time could have been wiped out.

We are introducing our 2008 portfolios now and Monday’s message looked at the ideas behind the five new portfolios we will track in 2008. Of course we will continue to track the unchanged Green Portfolio.

We have also created a Blue Chip Portfolio because of the panics we have seen in the last two years. The world is not convinced yet that emerging markets are the places to go. Plus emerging markets are highly leveraged, especially with Japanese yen loans. One lesson we learned from the panics of the last two years is that equities recovered the best after each panic.

There are many scenarios we can imagine that will cause a 2008 panic including further fallout from the sub prime loan disaster, a slowing US economy and over $100 a barrel oil. Last go round investors fled to US dollar bonds. As noted above the flow to US dollars last July could have been the last time in our lives, that we will see a rush for safety into the US dollar. If there is a 2008 panic we are thinking that investors will flee into Blue Chip, mainly non US dollar, equities…and this portfolio will do well.

2008 Blue Chip Portfolio

CurrencyInvestment Amount
SEKHennes & Mauritz B 50,000.00
CHFRoche Holding AG-Genuss 50,000.00
JPYToyota Motor Co. 50,000.00
USDSamsung Electr-GDR COM 50,000.00
EURNokia 50,000.00
EURAdidas AG 50,000.00

2008 looks exciting for sure and we look forward to sharing it and these ideas with you.

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May all your investments be exciting and prosperous,


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