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Infrastructure investment portfolios make sense now.

In our courses we move around. At the last International Business & Investing course we began at the historical Museum of Cotacachi .

Then when the sun was shining we moved next door to the El Meson courtyard.

This is possible because we have such a good infrastructure at the hotel and next door at the museum. One message we shared at the course was about investing in infrastructure.

Our 2006 Asian Emerging portfolio rose a remarkable 114%. The 2007 Emerging Market Portfolio was up even more + 122.62% and the Green portfolio an amazing 266.30%. This is because these portfolios consisted of good value shares invested in really strong trends.

We are introducing our 2008 portfolios now and Monday’s message looked at the ideas behind the five new portfolios we will track in 2008. Of course we will continue to track the unchanged Green Portfolio.

One of the new portfolios we will track is the Infrastructure Portfolio. The US has a crumbling infrastructure. Many bridges, buildings, roads, factories and such were destroyed in Japan , China and Europe during WWII.

In the US the old structure remained intact. Now they need to be fixed. Yet maintenance and this fix up bring little political reward. So the bridge repairs have been delayed, even when bridge inspections suggestion that the bridges are unsafe.

I have been thinking about this a lot since visiting my mom, daughter, son in law and grandchild in my home town of Portland and learning that the pre WWI and WWII Sellwood bridge is 82 years old and especially troubled.

“We don’t have unsafe bridges out here”, said Stuart Foster, chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission. “But Sellwood is an example of why we need to make more of an investment in our public works”.

Not unsafe? The Sellwood Bridge scores a 2 out of a possible 100 points on a federal bridge sufficiency scale, tied with two overpasses for the worst rating of any span in Oregon . By comparison, the Minneapolis bridge that just collapsed scored a 50!

A failing infrastructure makes everything less efficient. The rot, the decay and the lack of maintenance is all money gone. My guess is that the problem is obvious enough now that something will get done. Roads are crumbling, airports are inadequate and more. America ’s and Europe ’s infrastructure needs to be renewed and the companies selected may profit from this.

Here is the Infrastructure Portfolio

Currency Investment   Amount
DKK D/S Torm   50,000.00
DKK FLSmidth & Co.   50,000.00
SEK ABB Ltd   50,000.00
EUR Siemens AG   50,000.00
JPY Komatsu Ltd.   50,000.00
EUR Veolia Envir   50,000.00
Loan Currency Interest  
50.00% JPY 2.750%  
50.00% CHF 4.375% 100,000.00

2008 looks exciting for sure and we look forward to sharing it and these ideas with you.

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P.S. We hope you will join us in Ecuador as we look at our 2008 portfolios in our March International Business and Investing courses in Ecuador.

Our March International Business Made EZ course in Ecuador will be March 7-8-9.

Here is Merri talking to the group about exporting from Ecuador .

Our course fee is rising for our 2008 courses. Since we have had only one price increase in over 20 years we are forced to make a substantial increase now. For example our March IBEZ course will rise from $549 for a single to $799. The fee for couples will rise from $799 to $999. Currently our catalog shows March & November dates but when you click on “order” you reach March only as the November course has been fully booked and closed to new registrations. We are accepting early enrollment for the March course at the 2007 price for about two more weeks so if you sign up now, you’ll save.

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