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Health portfolios by Danes could have excellent investment performance.

The one really amazing feature about both the 2006 and 2007 portfolios is that they have all performed so well.

It’s a feat to create any portfolio that rise 40% 50% or more in a year. 100%..almost impossible. I get a bit of credit for this in aiming Jyske’s Thomas Fischer and his share selectors at the right trends.

Yet what a fabulous job they did!

The 2006 portfolios had two really top double digit performers, the Emerging Market Portfolio up 42.93% and the Asia Emerging Market up an incredible 114.16% 2007 was even more remarkable. All the portfolios were in the stratosphere.

Dollar Neutral 38.67%

Dollar Short 48.19%

Swiss Samba 53.32%

Emerging Market 122.62%

Green 266.30%

We are introducing our 2008 portfolios now and Monday’s message looked at the ideas behind the five new portfolios we will track in 2008. Of course we will continue to track the unchanged Green Portfolio.

One of the new portfolios we will track is the Danish Health Portfolio. Health is a pretty obvious trend. This is such a big issue world wide that we want to see what an investment in this sector will do. Denmark has some great health oriented companies so we chose this portfolio.

Here is the Danish Health Portfolio

Currency Investment Amount

DKK Genmab 50,000.00

DKK NeuroSearch 50,000.00

DKK Coloplast A/S B Aktie 50,000.00

DKK Novo Nordisk B 50,000.00

DKK Alk-Abello B Aktie 50,000.00

DKK William Demant Holding 50,000.00

Loan Currency Interest

100.00% CHF 4.375% 200,000.00

2008 looks exciting for sure and we look forward to sharing it and these ideas with you.

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